Playground Coffee

This third wave coffee shop was mistakingly named Playground Coffee. No just kidding.  There isn’t any other possible name they could have taken.  If I would have to review this coffee shop in short, their name would explain it all.

Playground Coffee Logo

Here’s the long version:

Matze, a former cameraman,  together with Veljko, an experienced barista and coffee roaster, created this third wave coffee roastery in 2014. First, they served flat whites & co. in the front niche of their pals hip burger restaurant: Otto’s Burger.  Next, they added the kiosk downtown, by the Rathaus. Mixed in with some tourists, business peeps get their morning or post-lunch specialty here.

Since March 2017, Playground has finally found it’s own playground.  The small show-space in the heart of St. Pauli is the perfect spot to be entertained by ironic baristas, enjoy a yummy bite of cake, and chat with strangers – all whilst sipping great coffee.

Playground Coffee Flat White
Playground Coffee chai and cookie

Their Espresso and Filter Roasts:

Vejcko and Matze always have their two espresso roasts on hand. Their flagship espresso roast is Skywalker, which will “wake you up in the morning and shoot you into the sky”.  (Yes, they are Star Wars fans, but don’t look it). Their fruitier espresso roast is named Playground Love.  Also appealing to a sweet-sour palate, are most of their filter roasts.  These vary seasonally.  At the moment they sell King Kongo, balanced with notes of milk chocolate, blood orange and sugar cane, the African Sista, redolent of sweet rhubarb and peach, and the natural Yirgacheffe, named Rocko Mountain.  Your filter will be “poured-over” using the Japanese Kalita. Then, served in a glass beaker next to your colorful dishware: pastel-turquoise, -blue, -green and a deep yellow are mixed and matched to playfully complement the interior.

Playground Coffee

Pale turquoise tiles are the barista-corner’s backdrop. A baby pink wall served as the show-space for their latest pop-up, PAS NORMAL cycling apparel (they are ardent cyclists). Viva Mexico chairs, also in magenta, fit right into their common room.  Otherwise, concrete pots on clean wooden tables, felt seat cushions on the window-sill bench, and greens hanging from above compose their stylish interior.


 Playfully Third Wave  

You’re not gonna visit the Playground without a joke.  But don’t be fooled by them unless you’re ready to play along. Though when the blondie (Friedrich) says “soy is pain in the ass”, he isn’t joking. However they have backed off from the “only cow milk” dogma and Friedrich actually prefers his Prana Chai with oat milk too.  That is if he drinks chai. It seems like these kids energize themselves by pure caffeine . . .

Playground Coffee St. Pauli

On Detlev-Bremer Straße, just a step away from the Reeperbahn or Luicella’s Ice Cream, is Playground Coffee.  One of Hamburg’s finest tea salons, that serves the local Bourgeoisie. With a large guarded parking lot, you won’t need to worry about anything happening to your Bentley or Land Rover while enjoying your Skywalker. Stay cool. So will Playground.

St. Pauli Showspace

Where? Detlev-Bremer Straße
When? Mo-Fr: 9-18:00, Sa-Su: 10-16:30
Other Info: bathroom, fast and free wifi, Flat White costs 3€

Kiosk at the Rathaus

Where? Rathaus-Passage, Unter dem Rathausmarkt
When? Mo-Fr: 7:30-14:00, Sa-Su: closed

Niche at Otto’s Burger

Where? Grindelhof 33 (Grindelviertel/Rotherbaum) –
When? Mo-Fr: 10-18:00, Sa-Su: 10-16:30
Other Info: bathroom (from Otto’s), no wifi, Flat White costs 3€

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