Luicella’s Ice Cream

I just recently discovered this place in St. Pauli.  It’s interior design is exceptional, and their logo is super cute!  Their slogan eine Kugel Lebensfreude means one scoop of vitality.  And the ice cream is a mix of the Italian style gelato along with a creativity and daringness of American flavors.



They produce naturally, (one can see them making the ice cream in the back of the shop) and offer a variety of vegan flavors as well as those from regional happy cows’ (some days even goats’ ) milk.  They go through multiple ice cream batches in one day.  I once came twice in a day and they didn’t have the same flavors anymore.  The inspiration for all these flavors also come from their clients;  a chalkboard on the wall enables anyone to suggest a new flavor!  Some examples of what they have offered before:  cucumber-lime-mint, avocado-banana, yoghurt-lemoncurd-oats, pumpkin seed-vanilla, hazelnut-apricot, goat milk ice cream-almond-fir tip syrup,…  They also offer kids scoops which just allows you to have more flavors!  Not only are waffles for free but they have two cups with “self serve” chocolate and rainbow sprinkles that you can put on your ice cream – take as many as you want!

One scoop: 1,30€, every extra scoop: 1,10€, kids scoop:90¢

Where? Detlev-Bremer-Str. 46 ONLY SUMMER (St. Pauli/Reeperbahn) and Lange Reihe 113 (St. Georg)

When? daily 12:00-20:00 (Sa & Su at Lange Reihe from 11:00)


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  1. […] After walking to the main square together, we were free to do what we wanted. Once choice was to stay with our tour guide (one of the volunteers), which I chose to do. I wasn’t fully lectured, but saw some nice old buildings and got introduced to a delicious ice cream shop (Oiartzun) that I might not have found otherwise. They had vegan sorbets, and creamy dairy flavors.  I got to sample lots, loved all, but chose a scoop of matcha (very strong and refreshing) and “rice-pudding” on which she freshly sprinkled cinnamon on top.  It wasn’t a super idyllic, owner-based ice cream shop, but delicious and different than the ones I know from Hamburg. […]

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