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Little Anecdote:  “The other day we were grilling: My mom came inside with, not a grilled veggie kebab as expected, but a high piled burger – made all from scratch.  Homemade bun, grilled ingredients, juicy patty from the local organic butcher, fresh arugula . . .  I really only tried out of kindness and gave it the tiniest nibble.  But then I was speechless.  It tasted amazing!  And didn’t only look like a professional burger.  On second thought, all that came out of me was: This tastes like at Otto’s Burger! (Even though I’ve never even tried a meat burger from Otto’s . . . 🤔 The veggie ones taste just as burger-y, just in veggie.  I’m not saying they taste like meat, they don’t, but they hit the spot if it’s supposed to be a “burger”.)”

“1891 the burger was born.  In Hamburg.  By cook Otto Kuase who served sailors commuting from NY to HH: a beefsteak and sunny side up egg sandwiched between two roasted bread slices.”

Otto’s Burger wants to keep our tradition real, have hamburgers be Hamburger’s* and top them with the sunny side up to keep your mind off the Hamburg rain.  Nobody can know the taste of a “real burger”, but this one tastes like the real (American?) burger to me.  Its bun is fluffy, almost juicy, and in between: a succulent patty, also made of quinoa or chickpeas.  Not too dry, sorta sloppy, but still edible finger food, smothered in deliciousness.


The proportion and combination of the ingredients, make these burgers stand out from most others; they’re verily perfected.  Unfortunately vegans won’t get their fair share hereNot true anymore as of today, February 15, 2017!  They just introduced their vegan quinoa-black bean burger, I am looking forward to trying that And, as has always been, there are sweet potato fries and caucusber-infused water. Also Luicella’s (read more here) ice cream for dessert.  Or local craft beer (and wine) which gets paired with a matching burger.

their original location in Grindel
their original location in Grindel

The most paradoxical part of Otto’s is that they say they want to be Hamburger, not American.  But they do a pretty damn good job of turning the American norms into a pleasurable European hot spot.  Usually for 18-35 year olds I’d say.  College students, school kids that invite themselves out, work colleagues and friends.  The hired staff is friendly, chatty, open and gracious (American? check ).  They offered PB SHAKES for a while (✓) (I think the new hit flavor is salted caramel), but they’ll always have the Oreo® flavor (which is at least just as good.  All-you-can-drink water (, homemade smoothies or lemonades (✓✓) in handled mason jars ().  And just look at their toppings: chipotle-chili mayo, guacamole (not avocado-mush), cheddar cheese, bacon, smokey mayo, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, pulled pork… (✓✓✓✓✓✓✓) But this isn’t supposed to defame them.  The resemblance of American standards takes on a neighborhood-like European flair. Save the interior, which reminds of a diner (✓– bright red super soft cushions and scrabble letters () naming themselves on the wall (seriously, I don’t know a single German person who plays scrabble).  But sorry, hamburgers are to Americans like the chicken to the egg, or the egg to the chicken?

It’s the place to go if you (like burgers: 100%) and care about more than solely being fed (which I guess you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this 😉).  Those runner friends of mine could happily eat two and a half, but I think the sizing is quite well for the average.  And hungry folks should really try the sweet potato fries and unique shakes if they’re craving more!  Whatever your impression now is of Otto’s, just give them a try and see for yourself where you a agree.

Where? Grindelhof: Grindelhof 33 (the original location) – Ottensen: Bahrenfelder Str. 175 – Schanze: Schanzenstraße 58

When? 11:30am-10/10:30/11pm (depending on location and weekday, check here), no reservations

Burger price: 7,70€ – 8,50€ here you can check out their online menu

For: Everybody! Vegans, Veggies, Omnivores, to meet a group of friends or have casual restaurant dinner with work colleagues

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