My Blogging Goals 2017

I finally finalized my idea to write down all my blogging goals for this year.  Eleven months is still enough of a year . . . not all New Years resolutions have to be printed on January 1st.

I started blogging one and a half years ago, August 2015.  Before I had even figured out how to create a blog, I already had a full list of all the places I wanted to blog about.  And that list still isn’t finished yet . . .  Not that I did that little, but I started blogging some recipes or vacation diaries and discovered lots more delicious places in Hamburg!

On the one hand, this post is for me: to have a precise goals (instead of multiple to do lists that get thrown away when that last item never gets checked off).  On the other hand it is for you.  I hope that there are enough of you reading, to comment below 🙂 Tell me what you are most interested in and what you think would be the most informative, interesting and helpful post that is distinguishable from other blogs.

Hamburg Food & Coffee:

  • Milch ✅ (Feb. 12) my post here
  • Less Political (third wave self-roasted coffee, first placed cheesecake in town, signature espresso drinks)
  • Marktzeit in der Fabrik (breakfast market every Saturday in Ottensen)
  • Herr Max (dainty patisserie in the Schanze)
  • Ti Breizh (galettes and crêpes just as in Brittany) ✅ (Mai 15) my post here
  • Nord Coast Coffee (3rd wave self-roasted coffee, amazing breakfasts, dainty snacks) ✅ (Mai 30) my post here


Hamburg Guides:

  • third wave coffee ✅ (Jan. 26) my post here
  • vegetarian & vegan burgers ✅ (July 26) my post here
  • homemade macarons
  • homemade (not home de-frozen!) croissants
  • alpine cuisine: Knödel, Spätzle & co. ✅ (April 7) my post here
  • vegan ice cream
  • gluten-free options
  • a day in a district: (Eimsbüttel or Neustadt) where to stroll, shop, eat, relax and view


Hamburg Not-Food:

  • beautiful house fronts, street art, parks, canals. . .
  • my favorite individual shops (or two posts: danish design and local design in Hamburg)



  • how to make the perfect smoothie bowl
  • “huevos”… our most common dinner at home that every friend despises the look of but loves the taste (tortilla with pinto/black beans, cheese, fried egg, guacamole, salsa, hot sauce, creme fraiche + optional add ons)


Blogging Goals:

  • design and print business cards
  • design and print stickers
  • hand out and evaluate my burger questionnaire: I have had this for a year now, but am always too embarrassed to hand it out to random people at cafés or on the street or even my friends 🙈.  But it’s the end of that.  As of today I started handing it out (at least to friends;) ) – But if YOU know what a burger is . . . or maybe even better if you don’t, I’d be super happy if you would take a moment to fill the Burger Questionnaire (sorry, it’s only in German so far, so for all Englisch speakers, comment below and I’ll make an English version asap!) Click here for the first part (English), second part (English)first part (German)second part (German)  Just print it, fill it out and and send it to me (as a letter, by email, or DM on Instagram or FB, whatever is easiest for you!)

Now there are 365 – 31 – 18 days left for me . . . That’s THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN days.  So I should manage all of my goals, but unfortunately that’s not how life usually works for me.  At least my to do lists always disappear before they’re fully checked off . . . So tell me the items to be checked off before it becomes intangible!

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  1. Bjorn Stevens
    February 18, 2017

    Well I would really like to see posts on: 1. Street Art; 2. House Fronts; 3. Alpine Cuisine; 4. The Burger Questionnaire; 5. A Day in a District. Some of the other topics (vegan this or that, or some of the popular places, Ti Briezh & Nord Coast) seems like they are more likely to be covered by other blogs.

  2. February 20, 2017

    I would love to see more guides like your flat white guide! Best vegan breakfast, best carrot cake (or whatever your favorite cake is haha, I’m obsessed with carrot cakes ;-)), best markets or Burger Guide is always great haha. I love the idea of the districts as well, Eimsbüttel or Ottensen or even Neustadt! Sometimes I find it hard to find unique and nice cafés in the city centre so that would be great! But basically anything you write is great 🙂

    • February 20, 2017

      Yes, that’s a really good point, there really aren’t many good places downtown! When I’m in downtown I usually go a bit further to Neustadt (Zum Spätzle, Public Coffee Roasters, Hej Papa) or more around the harbor (Nord Coast Coffee, Ti Breizh)… They’re both about a 10min walk from downtown if you’re near the Rathaus. And thanks for the other inspiration, I will keep them in mind! (P.S. I haven’t had carrot cake in such a long time, but now I think I will have some soon again 😛 )

  3. Saskia
    February 20, 2017

    My top wishes are: Burger guides, a day in a district, maybe something like good food on a budget? I also like Sarah’s idea with the carrot cakes, or cheese cake. Also since this is largely Hamburg based page – a franzbrötchen evaluation seems quite fitting. Also more of your own perfectionised recipes are terrific :))
    Keep up the terrific work! (And i’ll get to that burger questionnaire)

  4. Tanya Stevens
    February 21, 2017

    I would like to see more on the German beer – oh wait that’s really not your think – maybe Bjorn or Andrea can do that! I love looking at all your pictures and I love that your so into food – you come by it genetically! I know when I make it to Hamburg I am going to eat well. I agree with Saskia that I like it when you talk about stuff you make and try yourself.

    Great blog and keep it up – very fun to read:)

  5. Mathilda
    February 21, 2017

    I think all your ideas are great, but I would be really interested in any kind of vegan food guides (Places with “just” vegan options would be interesting as well , where vegans, vegetarians and omnivores can eat without conflicts, bc there is something for everyone 😉 ). A guide for different districts is a great idea too, Eimsbüttel, Schanze, Neustadt, Altona, there are so many great places in Hamburg! And a overview on unique shops in HH would be amazing.
    Hopefully we will see whole Hamburg spreaded with ookiedough stickers soon 😉 Send me some of them, when you have them, then I can help to make some promotion for your lovely blog 🙂

    • February 21, 2017

      Ooh yes I will, thank you so much!!

  6. Leona
    February 21, 2017

    I would obviously be happy about any coffee recommendations 😀

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