Nord Coast Coffee Roastery

Finally my post comes, 1,5 years later than planned – which was the day they opened.  We had happened to walk by the specialty coffee shop and thought what an awesome place this would become, even though all we had tried was coffee then.  Now I can surely say that this café is worth every cent.

Nord Coast already made it into my Açai-Bowl and Flat White guides for Hamburg, but they deserve a whole entry, for example to swarm more about the beautifully presented breakfasts: lox-red beet toast, hummus-avocado quinoa fritters or the beloved waffles.

The interior is set over two stories, it’s spacious and what I imagine British vintage to look like: old books and typewriters on the decorative shelves, a few leather lounge chairs and couches with old suitcases as coffee side tables.  But there’s also a slight industrial feeling, given by the old roasting machine and the piles of coffee bean sacks.  Apart from some large common tables, you’ll find tables for small groups and idyllic window sill spots with views on the town canal.

Just recently they’ve added table service – from whom you get a full water jug with glasses to refill.  If the service were as knowledgable and genuine as the owning couple, I couldn’t give any critic at all.  But if you know what you want, it’s fine.  I recommend all the waffles: from fresh berries and maple syrup to the gf banana one with peanut butter or basil-apple compote.  I’ve never been a waffle fan, but these are perfect.

For a savory breakfast the bread with plentiful lox on red beet schmear with baby spinach and sprouts has always been my top choice.  The gluten-free quinoa fritters are a new hit as well.  A bit pricey, but unique to Hamburg.  Topped with lime-hummus, avocado and either a poached egg or more avocado – I actually prefer the latter version. For poached egg I would take the avo-toast with pesto and one, that’s my dad’s favorite.

vegan quinoa fritters


lox red beet toast

The owner is Brazilian, she grew up on a coffee farm, but is also at home where the traditional açai bowls are.  Hers are not as slushy as ice cream, but a healthier breakfast version, one of my two favorites in HH. (more here) There’s also a more savory matcha-mango bowl for a change.

Coming to the specialty coffee: five different home-roasted coffee blends, and five brewing methods (Karlsbader Kanne, Aeropress, Hario V60, Chemex, Syphon).  They recommend which roast fits which method best.  Each roast is treated like a chem lab experiment, presented in thin cylinders with a legend referring to the heritage, roasting strength, variety, growth altitude, preparation, classification, notes and flavours.  For the espresso drinks there’s the choice of the lighter or darker roast.  And lucky me, they also succeed in latte art with non-dairy milks, although the cows milk is as local as can be, so not a bad choice either.

If I would have said it short, everything at Nord Coast is dainty, delicious and has high quality.  Even the freshly squeezed orange juice striked us.  It’s a spot for leisurely or birthday breakfasts, intimate business meetings, coffee connoisseurs, girls on instagram-dates or to chill and get some laptop work done.

Where? Deichstraße 9

When? Mo-Fr: 9-18, Sa-Su: 10-18

How much? flat white 3,30€, breakfast 5-9€, waffles 4-7€

bathroom, free wifi

food quality/diets: local milk, organic eggs, vegan and gluten-free options

My favorites: orange juice, lox-red beet toast, vegan quinoa fritter, lime-mascarpone waffle

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