München: “Italy’s northest town”

Italian Food in Munich – that’s not a challenge to find.  Many people actually call Munich “Italy’s northest town“.  I can see why.  There are pizzerias at literally every corner, and way too many of them look delicious.  Same goes for ice cream: some crazy flavors (boiled egg or sausage) as well as health-crazing ones (vegan, organic and refined sugar free), but if you splurge you’ll run out of cash.  I did – however my favourite ended up being the Italian gelato, the quality is amazing.  Lastly, when I was looking for a snack to-go for a friend, all we seemed to see were the fluffy focaccia sandwiches in different bistros.

If you keep eyes open you’ll find Italian spots everywhere, but these are the ones between Maxvorstadt and Schwabing-West that I especially liked or want to try:

Luigino’s Bio Feinkost

Wooden tables with little mediterranean plants and a large olive tree over a wooden bench inside give Luigino’s its idyllic Italian flair.  As an all organic Italian delicacy store they prepare grilled focaccia sandwiches and sell an array of very affordable, including strong mountain, cheeses.  Even if the salesperson himself was German (his owner is from Sicily), he made us feel in an Italian shop and let us sample our way through the cheeses whilst telling us all about them.
grilled focaccia sandwich 3,90€, most cheeses between 1,50-3€/100g – Türkenstr. 53 (+ two more locations) – website

Lo Studente (wood oven pizzeria)

The whiff every time I walked by was so tempting. My sister could approve of my smell and said that the pizzas sure do taste delicious. You can choose organic Kamut pizza dough, either as the calzone or with one of the many traditional pizza combinations. There are multiple specials every day, and many different pasta dishes and desserts.  Haven’t tried it myself, but it’s on the list – tell me if you have!
good veggie options, not much vegan – lively atmosphere – most dishes 6-9€ – Schellingstraße 30 – website 

Pizzeria Multicereali Ciao Ragazzi

This is one of those spots that reminds me of LA, but the nice parts of LA.  It’s a lively spot where students go, but has a hint of posh.  You can look into the open kitchen, although I only sniffed the dishes amongst all the outside seated guests around the busy corner.  The pizza was served on wooden trays and looked so tempting. Multicereali stands for their organic pizza dough made from a mix of rye, barley, oat, manitoba and rice flour.  I definitely want to come here the next time I’m in Munich!
good veggie options, not much vegan – lively atmosphere – pizza 7-13€ – Schelling Str. 27 – “website”

Bartu Bio Eis & Pizza

This all organic ice cream shop has legit ice cream. I never knew that vegan chocolate sorbet could be so creamy and rich!  Their scooper is somewhat incapable, a flat big slab, so it might take a minute or two for them to shake the scoop off of it and smear it flat into the cup but it’s worth the wait.  If you get bored, check out the ingredient list – all ingredients for each flavour are typed big and fat on the walls. Bartu also make pizza, I haven’t given much attention to that though.
many vegan and non-vegan flavors – scoop 1,90€, with two flavors 2,90€, kids discount – Wilhelmstr, 23, 11-21:00 – website

Ballabeni IceCream

Despite the long line, by which I usually judge an ice cream store, I was at first hesitant about Ballabeni, because of their cheap looking waffle cups . . . four scoops later, not anymore. Their ice cream has amazing quality, reminding me of Anna Durkes in Berlin, meaning that every lick lasts forever and the hot sun melts, but doesn’t diminish the quality of these scoops.  It’s dense but creamy soft and the flavors are striking.  Plus: you get a sample scoop on top, and the spoon has a perfect size and form – I know, very important, but we did keep them :).
vegan sorbets and milk flavors – good sized scoop 1,60€ (you won’t get it much cheaper anywhere in Munich) – Theresienstraße 46, 11:30-22:30 – website

Gecobli Gourmet Gelateria

I had just had the most delicious gelato at Ballabeni.  Then I walked two streets further and saw a black waffle cone, the playful minimalistic interior and written on a chalkboard “handmade ice cream”. Gecobli had enough to convince me.  I chose my flavors, underlied by melted dark Belgian chocolate, topped off with organic cacao nibs. That’s what my ice cream dream here is made of. You can also choose the melted Belgian chocolate for the cup, it’ll then turn into a hard shell. Or hazelnut, almonds or coconut shreds for the top.  Or whipped cream, espresso, some booze and ice cream shakes. The ice cream quality is good, all flavors are made completely naturally and our favorite were caramel-salt, pistachio and intense chocolate.
vegan sorbets and milk flavors – child scoop 1€, normal 1,60€, toppings 50c – Schellingstr. 15, 11:30-22:00 – website

Die Verrückten Eismacher (the crazy ice makers)

The name is deserved.  Crazy, but also locals’ and tourists’ favorite.  The interior, from the lounge chairs to the walls, reminds of Alice in Wonderland and even the ice cream spoons, cups and napkins are special.  The changing flavors include normal ones, but everyone knows Die Verrückten Eismacher for tastes of cooked egg, cordon bleu, mustard, sausage or beer in their scoop. I was a bit bold and only sampled –  not bad, the savory flavors are made to taste like ice cream, don’t worry, but my mind just didn’t quite want that on the day.
also vegan flavors – around 1,30€,  Amalienstr. 77, 11:30-22:00 – website

Ice Date

It’s looks like a long-established organic vegan shop, ice-cream shop.  Well all flavours are of such, plus refined sugar free and without any additives. Cashews, dates and fruit, that’s it.  All flavors from fresh berries to chocolate with ginger, hemp or mint are served like this with a sample scoop on top.  I have to admit that when I eat ice cream I prefer creamy, sweet gelato or American PB swirled brownie butterscotch indulgements. But ice date sure is unique and very supportable.
all vegan, organic, and refined sugar free – Amalienstr. 91, 11-23:00 – website


Empfehlenswerte Eisdielen: Der verrückte Eismacher in München

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