Anna Durkes

An authentic, Italian, family owned ice cream parlor in Berlin’s hip district of Kreuzberg.  There’s a lot of good options for ice cream in this area, but in my opinion this Sardinian couple is the most talented at their craftsmanship.  All flavors are written in Italian so you might have to ask for a translation.  Though that doesn’t matter, because in my opinion this frozen treat really outshines all of it’s competitors.  The quality is unbeatable – creamy but firm, rich with an intense, natural taste and not too soft or sweet!  Simply the tiniest dab satisfied my taste buds forever.  I chose two scoops and they lasted longer than any ice cream has ever lasted before.  I know that doesn’t make any sense, but it’s like an over correction… Two pluses made a minus 😉 I usually just gulp this dessert down … but Anna Durkes’ creations truly struck me.

Anna Durkes

The flavors change from day to day but include classic, exotic and seasonal creations.  I sampled Safran and Cardamon, the latter I loved!  They’re known for their large variety of chocolates too.  Apart from ice cream you can get top-notch espresso, traditional chocolates or candies from Italy.  Anna Durkes even put a spin on the american ice cream sandwich – Brioche con Gelato!


The interior of this parlor is cute as well.  Dominated by pastel colors, it’s clean but has a very homey feel to it.  If you’re in Kreuzberg you should seriously make an effort to get here – it’s been a top hit on international ratings of ice cream and there’s no reason to disagree!

Where? Graefestraße 80, 10967 (near U7 at Südstern, U8 & U12 Kottbusser Tor)

When? Tuesday to Friday: 1pm-8pm

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