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Nook. Sort of sounds like Anouk, one of the several reasons I chose this café/restaurant in Bali for the ookiedough blog.  I am Saskia Brose, Anouk’s older sister and am currently on the road for five months.
After traveling through New Zealand for three months, I stayed in Singapore and am now on Bali in Indonesia.
Ubud is the cultural center of Bali and also the place for good food, but the coastal towns of Seminyak (more high end) or the surfer town of Canggu just have heaps of delicious cafés and restaurants.  Deciding where to go is quite the struggle…  What I especially liked about Nook though was the fusion of Indonesian and western influence in their dishes.  There is something for every traveler or local here!


This café is only set outdoors; on a big white porch and in the
attached “garden area”, situated amongst the rice fields.  The place doesn’t have air conditioning, but the fans cool you down enough.  There are lovely seating options underneath branches and little trees, where one can sit on cushioned wooden benches and long wooden tables.
This eatery was filled with people every time I visited it. They
offer fresh seafood and meat barbecues with fresh cocktails in the later hours of the day as well. There were families, young women, business men, tourists, locals… you name it!  So not only does Nook offer a wide selection of good food, all sorts of people come to appreciate it.

For breakfast one can enjoy savory or sweet dishes and of course smoothies or fresh pressed juices.  If you’re into coconut water, order one which is served in the young green coconut.

They offer several different egg dishes, sandwiches, bagels, and dishes full of meat or vegetables.  If you’re vegan they even have an extra menu for you with several good options!
On top of their breakfast menu they serve smoothie bowls all day.

One morning I tried the WAYAN (kale, spinach, avocado, banana & mango, topped with grated coconut, granola, goji berries, mango slices and flax seeds).  It was served in a bamboo bowl and was just the right amount. It didn’t taste too green and the toppings were appetizing and fresh.

The next time I went for a slightly different direction with the
KOMANG bowl (vanilla protein, banana, dates, cinnamon, ginger, carrot and soy milk, topped with dragon fruit, mango, goji berries, granola, grated coconut, pumpkin, chia and flax seeds)

This didn’t disappoint either and was once again a filling, refreshing and scrumptious meal.  When traveling through the hot and humid tropics, one can never really go wrong with a smoothie bowl for breakfast or a juice or smoothie as a snack.

We also tried some of the savory dishes.  Such as the Quinoa & Kalian Breakfast Bowl, which included loads of veggies and a sunny side egg, which we perfected with an extra order of avocado.  The Smoked Salmon Bagel, with their homemade cream cheese and a well prepared side salad was divine.  Same goes for the their bagel without the salmon.


The smoothies Tutti Frutti or Blushing Berry Beet accompanied the savory dishes that we had very well and were served in tall glass bottles.

You can find better food on Bali to be honest, but there is a reason Nook stands out.  The fact that locals are here and that they serve traditional Indonesian food as well as catering to the tastes of the tourist who is in need of some western dishes creates a very nice atmosphere.  Even though the service might be a bit slow at times, you don’t feel rushed here and your (almost) finished plate won’t be cleared immediately, which is the case in several of Bali’s eateries.

If you find yourself in need of a nice place to sit while strolling
through the rice fields of northern Seminyak and good fresh food for everybody in your group this is sure to be a pleaser!

Where? Jalan Umalas 1, Gang Nook No. 1, Kuta Utara, Bali, Indonesia

When? daily 8-23:00

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