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After my second visit in Copenhagen, I can surely say that city life can’t get much better (except for the prices maybe).  This large town is covered in (other than bikes of course) cute little cafés.  And every second one has avocado toast on their menu.  It seems like a long-time ordinary meal and not some new hype that proves who you are.  Their cuisine is heavy on meat, so the vegans have expanded their offers a lot  – from under 42º kitchens to juicy pizzas, acai bowls, nice cream, or hot porridge (GRØD)!  And the amount of økologisk eateries (I’ll mark those with an “…º”) is tremendous.  The government set up a plan to make the country’s whole agriculture organic and sustainable.

Despite of wanting to try every cool café (which would take a life time), three days is plenty to experience this capital.  As cozy as it is, you can practically walk anywhere you want – though cycling on your own lane through the city is a whole new experience .  But if you want to nail every meal, then these are the places I would put on anyone’s Bucket List when in Copenhagen:

pizza – street food – traditional ice cream – danish pastries – cozy, well-priced veggie cantina – vegan ice cream bowls / sandwiches

  1. Neighbourhood Pizza º : 100% organic pizza (& cocktail bar) – A crispy, light and airy dough topped with the best combo of juicy, fresh and pickled ingredients topped with salad and homemade chili or garlic oil.  Community seating at rustic wooden tables (loudish music inside, but perfect people watching outside).  Check the menu here (unfortunately only one veggie option, and no vegan). –– (Istedgade 27, Vesterbro, open Mo-Fr from 5pm, Sa&Su from10am (for pizza brunch))

  2. Danish Ice Cream (Vaffelbageren): Google gave me many of Copenhagen’s “best ice creams” but I didn’t agree…  A real experience is to sit at the new harbor (Nyhavn) splattered with a paint box of house fronts and try to finish the smallest portion of traditional Danish ice cream: two large fluffy scoops in a freshly baked and imprinted bright brown waffle, topped with whipped cream, a dollop of jam and possibly a flødeboller (chocolate covered cream puff, kinda like a marshmallow). (where to get this in Nyhavn, from 10-midnight)

  3. Papirøen: international street food in an old paper factory with awesome vibe – What about vegan gourmet pizza, fish’n’chips, raw vegan rice paper rolls, pulled duck or shrimp burgers, moroccan flatbread (this line filled up the whole aisle!)… cozy, dark inside seating with a fire place or views of the harbor and full sun exposure (if Copenhagen skies are so friendly).  –– (across from Nyhavn, 12-9/10pm)

  4. Meyer’s Bageri º :  They create the best Kanelsnegle (cinnamon roll) that I have found so far, and there is no reason to keep looking.  “Danish pastries”, she told us in perfect English (as always, but she even apologized because she didn’t know one word), “are very sweet and very rich, they have to be enjoyed, bit by bit, next to your morning coffee […]”.  And it would be a shame to not appreciate them.  I claim to love cinnamon rolls but am usually disappointed by what I get, except at Meyer’s.  These are soft, super doughy and like the fudgiest brownie – except as a cinnamon roll – ever.  Please just try for yourself!  And the newest specialty I fell in love with sort of half kanelsnegle half pain au chocolate.  Made with flaky pastry dough  (instead of yeast dough) topped with chocolate. I think I’d take this as an afternoon treat and the traditional Kanelsnegle to start a weekday morning.  (don’t judge a place by their locations)

  5. Morgenstedet º : Amid Christiana, a volunteer based vegetarian and vegan eatery and finally some friendly prices for outlanders.  They have a selection of fresh salads, a soup and two warm dishes of the day.  But even if you just get bread and hummus – those were actually my favorite two things here: soft, doughy and flavourfully baked with a heap of delectable chickpea mush.  The atmosphere is very friendly, modest and unflappable to the homeless people plucking their garden.  We sat inside  – very homey – watching the rain pour down, but on the occasional sunny day I can imagine the encircled wooden tables to be just as wonderful.  (When in Christiania (except Mondays) 12-9pm)

  6. Nice Cream º :  I craved Nice Cream’s açai bowl the whole trip… but when the time came to splurge, that peanut butter bowl beat the battle.  Sort of ice cream, sort of smoothie, topped with seedy granola, fresh coconut, berries and fruit – so scrummy.  And the spanish girls next to us exchanged astounded looks after biting into their ice cream sandwiches.  (Btw: all vegan, organic and handmade)  (Elmegade 30 from 11am-9pm)dscf4355

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