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Jimmy Elsass is a delicious, cozy, casual dinner locality in Hamburg.  They’re specialty is Flammkuchen (also known as the french Tarte flambée) which is a very thin and crusty dough topped with cream sauce and further ingredients.  They have a large selectinon of different Flammkuchen using ingredients like dates, sauerkraut, goat cheese, capers, smoked salmon, artichokes, black forest ham or cranberries. Of course you can find the classic Flammkuchen, topped with bacon, onions, and parsley, but also a vegan option, one for children (Emmentaler cheese and salami, and seasonal creations. My personal favorites are: Rucola (arugula, sunflower seeds, grand padano), Chorizo (chorizo sausage, sun dried tomatoes, jalapeños, grand padano and fresh parsley).  As an appetizer I most prefer the Feldsalat (lamb’s lettuce) with champignons, red onions and warm goat cheese with honey and rosemary, but they also offer a few more salads, and pretzel with ram sausage or a spiced bavarian cheese (Obatzda).



Of course you can also get dessert.  Either the sweet Flammkuchen with stewed apples, almonds, cinnamon…or if you’d like something smaller than what you just already had then the warm Schokoküchlein is truly luscious!  It’s filled with rich creamy chocolate ganache that flows from the center and accompanied with some velvety vanilla sauce.

Their atmosphere is cozy and casual. On warm days choose one of the outside seating arrangements to enjoy the ambience of the neighborhood.  The interior is definitely worth checking out though.  It completely reflects the restaurant’s style: the entryway with velvet covered benches and small vintage coffee tables; the lighting with huge grape shaped dim lit lamps and candles distributed everywhere else….


Each table is covered by a big blank sheet of paper and a cup of colored pencils – great to doodle, sketch or visually assist you one of those deep conversations you might be having ;).


The menu itself is in a old fashioned photo album.  Anybody can put in their scraps – so you might be lucky to find some coins from Asia or a bus ticket from Australia.

Don’t come in a rush because your order usually takes quite a while.  But it’s worth going for sure!  They fill up fast in the course of the evening, it’s usually completely full by 19:30 (7:30PM).  So make sure to come in time cause reservations are only possible starting at 8 people.


Where? Schäferstraße 26, 20357 near U2 Christuskirche, between Eimsbüttel and the Schanze

When? Everyday 18:00-1:00

Cost: Flammkuchen between 8,90€ and 10,50€


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