DALUMA amid Berlin

This was the start of my “gotta go out for breakfast as often as I can” – trend in Berlin.  After an 11km bike ride and high expectations, literally:

“I want[ed] it all”

That’s the mix of all their creations: Chia pudding and probiotic muesli and coconut tapioca topped with Acerola-Caju (updated to an amazingly fluffy matcha-banana coconut cream), the six nut (now: a brazil – and walnut – cacao topping), and a smooth soft açai-cupuaçu sauce.  It once made a total of 13 different fruits/berries – some of which I had never heard of…  The bowl was super satisfying and truly luscious, any descriptions in words would be inadequate.  But if I try: foreign, fresh, sweet and juicy toppings with intense new flavours, combined with a mix of hearty oats, gooey chia and a harsh but creamy nuttiness.

DALUMA vegan breakfast Berlin

But if you don’t want all of it, I highly recommend the probiotic muesli as a base with whatever topping pleasures you most – they’re equally stunning.  Or an açai bowl, avocado bread or warm buckwheat porridge. The menu keeps improving by every new creation, even though there didn’t seem to be space for that the last I visited.

However, DALUMA is not only made for breakfasts, although that is my time to come.  Their savoury combos have a base (quinoa, lentils, rice, pasta or a raw veggie assembly) with pomegranate-tahini, peanut avocado or almond lime atop it.  There’s also unique mixed fresh salads, and daily soups.  Talking about new additions, they now make a vegan “High Omega” if you really want to splurge: salmon sashimi with avocados, fermented cabbages, nuts and seeds on a warm rice base.

DALUMA vegan salad Berlin
Quinoa with dandelion leaves, pomegranate, melon, pumpkin seeds, and a dressing of tahini, orange, dates, cashew, currant, lime, olive oil, tamarin and mustard 😳

All the juices I’ve tried so far (Pink Fuel, Run Forest Run and Rehab) hit the spot.  They use ingredients – cabbage, charcoal, sweet potato – to make combinations that I wouldn’t dare to at home, but they’re literally mouth-watering.   Same goes for the smoothies.  Compared to many of these new opening smoothie and juice bars in Germany, 6€ for 400ml definitely isn’t a rip off – and if it were, it’d be worth every cent.

DALUMA Smoothie Berlin
Green Giant

I was lucky enough to get to chat with the owners of Da-Lu-Ma.  David, Lukas and Marian. They opened their concept 1.5 years ago.  Their first ambition is to serve the best nutritionally valuable food – thus in cooperation with a nutritionist.  Next up is turning it into scrumptious dishes.  And they definitely have succeeded at both.

Everything is sustainable: organic food, Greenpeace energy, recyclable materials.  Actually even better.  The smoothies and juices come in awesome glass jars, for only 50¢ deposit.  (Which made me so much happier than you could imagine.  Because last year we imported one of those perfectly sized smoothie jars from the US (Kreation Café) and I managed to lose it.  Since then we’ve been on the lookout for some decent replacement – and right here, tada!  Only 50¢.  Now all my home made smoothies are made to go in Daluma’s remnants 🙂

DALUMA Concept Poster, Berlin
double click to enlarge their concept

To anybody who is a foodie, vegan, loves juices, smoothies, organic eateries (or if none of the mentioned, someone who likes to try something new and deliciously exotic) I highly recommend DALUMA.  I should take that back.  I meant to say, I recommend it to everyone!  Thus, I’m really glad that this was my first “breakfast spot” in Berlin – it’s impression will last 😌!  And besides, they have a banana sack hanging from the ceiling!

DALUMA Café Berlin

Where? Weinbergstraße 3, 10119 (betwehen Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg) ↑ near U Rosenthaler Platz

When? Weekdays 8 – 20, Saturday 10 – 19, Sunday 10 -18

Cost: breakfasts 5-9€, savoury dishes 5-15€. smoothies and juices 4-7€

If you’d like to check out their Philosophie and moreit’s worth reading!

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  1. Saskia
    January 7, 2017

    Absolute favorite breakfast spot; Too bad they don’t have anything like it here, well maybe that is good otherwise I would spend to much money eating out there 😉 Next time in Berlin a must again!!

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