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CODOS might be the smallest but finest coffee bar in town.  It integrates creative coffee blends and moreish American baked goods with a great location in hip Sternschanze.  Almost all third waves’ coffees are equally awesome, but my coffee taster was (more than once) so impressed that he now claims that CODOS makes the “best flat white of Hamburg”(And yes, we’ve checked by every third wave we can think of, here’s the guide)

Coffee Bean Roast:
Their coffee beans are selected from individual growers around the world and made ready to brew by a small roastery in Hannover.  The roasting process is a very gentle one, whereby the beans lose their acidic taste.  The procedure lasts 16 whole minutes at max 240º C in contrast to industrial roasters, who blast their beans for 2 minutes at much higher temperatures.  CODOS’ outcome is an earthy aromatic, but soft and chocolatey espresso with 80% Arabica (from Brazil) and 20% Robusta (from India).

Of the pure coffee blends they offer a wide selection, with flavors as different as the countries they come from:

• a complex, slightly sour and fruity Karengera from Ruanda
• the sweet, aromatic, full-bodied flavour called Java Jampit from Indonesia.  
• the two managers’ favorite – with a light floral, citrusy and slightly sweet note that make this roast taste like so much more than just “coffee” – Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia
• nutty, minerally aromas and no acidic hints : Malabar Monsoon from India

The last coffee they sell is from a “foreign” roastery, like when I visited Man vs. Machine from Munich.  After their coffee tour through London, they also collected some of their favorite roasts from there, to sell in Hamburg.

Sip don’t slurp:
. . . Drip Coffee, and the usual different coffee + steamed + foamed milk ratios in a cup. A newbie to other third waves’ might be the Golden Tea or Golden Milk (a meld of hot water/oat-milk with turmeric, ginger, vanilla and agave).  And even more the High Fly, a caffeine concoction of espresso, matcha and cacao.  I loved it.  You can make out all flavors independently – then again will taste the warming, awakening mix as a whole – and then again the single flavors.  It’s amazing.  But if you want to test all their ingredients pure, then they’ll make each an espresso, matcha latte or hot chocolate plain too.

from the top left clockwise: 1. cheesecake brownie with Valrhona chocolate glaze, 2. High Fly, 3. pumpkin pound cake, 4. flat white

To nibble and devour:
Baked by the co-owner in her own café in Hildesheim (Black Apron) , because you wouldn’t want anybody else’s skills to be tæsted.  Their american inspired cakes are in tune with the seasons but not too sweet: fruity and tropical in the summer yet with dominating chocolate, nutty or pumpkin flavors around Christmas.  There’s something for everyone – vegan, gluten-free, and “normal” for the less adventurous palate.  They also have granola bars, banana bread, brownies energy balls breakfast with greek or soy yogurt, homemade granola and fresh raspberry sauce.  I’ve tried the fluffy pumpkin pound cake topped with cream cheese frosting, and nuts.  Perfectly spiced and not too deftig.  The cheesecake brownie was even better, moist and fudgy, refined by the cheese layer and Valrhona chocolate glaze.  As a nibble alongside the coffees we got the gluten-free almond lemon cake, which I’d order again in a flash.  And there were lots more that tempted me: peanut cake, banana-walnut cake, matcha balls…

Summing up the rest:
This place is cute and friendly, the logo is adorable (it’s the owner’s doggy, Snatch) and they do their best to be environmental.  Since lots of their customers are young professionals on the go, CODOS gives a discount if you bring your own cup.  To encourage that, they sell reusable Keep Cups.  That’s a brand from Australia that sustainably produces coffee cups to-go.  With your own cup you won’t only save trash but another 20¢ for each drink inside it.

When? Mo-Fr: 8-18, Sa: 10-18, Su: 11-17

Where? Bartelstr. 26 (Sternschanze)

Cappuccino: 2,60 €, Flat White: 2,90€

• no bathroom • free wi-fi •

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  1. Bjorn Stevens
    December 27, 2016

    I agree! Super yummy coffee!

  2. Leona
    December 27, 2016

    Next stop! =)

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