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Sometimes I write an entry after my first outing in a new café – I guess, there’s no second try needed to convince me – or maybe just because I can’t afford to sample each dish in every café between school, sport, piano… 🙃  However, in other places I do wait a whole year desperate to be enlightened with each individual of their recipes.  Even if I love everything from the first day.

That’s Alpenkantine.

As curious as I claim to be, to want to try “each and every dish” it seems that my yearning for the Knödel, side salads and quiches won’t ever diminish. They will never lose their appeal . . .

Alpine Cuisine in Hamburg

I love everything about this cantine as much as I love the Alps. The atmosphere; the eclectic set of chairs, concrete walls, seasonal decorations, cutely designed bowls, rustic bread boards that remind of miniature peels, little flowers . . .  The food has just as high standards as the interior. You’ll get everything from rustic breakfasts to mouthwatering pastries, amazing chai and coffee, and legit dishes for lunch or dinner. Everything is possible to go, in their personalised little cartons too.

All creations are assorted in a long glass cabinet along the counter.  An array of cakes, cookies, pies, croissants, ravioli, Knödel, Allgäu style sandwiches, side salads, quiches and more.  “Side salads” sounds so boring, but they’re always fresh, simple or creative, perfectly spiced and fantastic in combination with each other.  Some of my favourites are carrot-caper, red-beet apple, turmeric-cabbage, radish-potatoes…


The quiches haven’t ever disappointed me either, they are squidgy to perfection and wonderful accompanied with the aforementioned salads.

Every week they come up with new specialties depending on the season.  Soups and stews, noteworthy Knödels, meat dishes (such as Wiener Schnitzel or wild sausage with roast potatoes), Spätzle and abundant salads.

Inventive Knödel

My all-time favorite, the Knödel, have ranged from spinach-walnut, red beet-apple, peanut-chile, gorgonzola or alpage cheese to the plain old potato-herb version.  Then they are topped with just as creative, rich sauces and accompanied by a simple fresh salad. Sometimes my Knödel is a tad dry, but on average they are delicious and the sauces make up for it.  For alpine cuisine in Hamburg, the Käs’spätzle are of course a mandatory too, and I’m getting a good taste for them now.  Especially when they are propped with roasted pumpkin, red beet or cabbage, like at Alpenkantine.

Where I discovered Prana Chai

Alpenkantine is also where I discovered Prana Chai. Now I can come here any time, regardless my hunger level, because there is never a wrong hour for chai.  Everybody seems to find a drink to their liking at AK.  Homemade lemonade, a fresh veggie or orange juice, Samova teas, specialty coffee, beer, small-brand lemonades . . .

Modern Alpine Flair in Eimsbüttel

On sunny days it is wonderful to sit outside, and observe the Eimsbüttel locals on the Osterstraße. The long tables inside, serve big groups or multiple two to three comes – often young couples, the dads having trendy round glasses and a beard. But you’ll also see old couples, or students dine here. Alpenkantine has a lively, neighbourhood-like but modern-alpine flair. To make it simple, (if you’re a Hamburger) you can also say it is really



Alpine cuisine in Hamburg has a few outlets, but only one “Eimsbüttel-ish” one: Alpenkantine. Eimsbüttel is my favorite district in Hamburg, so what more is there to say about an Eimsbüttel-ish eatery? At Alpenkantine you can come for a casual meal at any time in the day. It is casual, charming, fresh and delicious; hence one of my favorite cafés in town!

Where? Osterstraße 98 (right next to U2 Osterstraße)

When? Mo: 10-20, Tu-Fr: 10-22, Sa: 10-20, Su: 10-18

Knödel: 8,90€-10,90€; Quiche 4,50€

⇒ self-service, pay upfront

their website, their weekly menu

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