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To whom it may concern:  3rd largest town in Germany.  First is Berlin and second is HAMBURG!!  (By size, of course).  My sister just moved to this Bavarian town to go learn about engineering and stuff, so I now have a real Bavarian to go café hopping with!  My first survey was their açai bowls.  I googled a lot and tried to find good blogs to help me, without success…  My list with decent looking breakfast cafés is slightly larger, but offerings of açai bowls stayed sparse.  Down to: Bite Delite and Daddy Long Legs.  They were both tasty and I’d go there again but had one quite peculiar feature.  The bottom third of the bowl was filled with “granola” (here: the typical German crunchy muesli).  It seemed like a bit of a rip off.  I would have preferred a homemade granola with more açai-smoothie on top.  Nevertheless it was a nice sweet, tangy waker upper.

Bite Delite

Funny enough, many months ago a friend of mine told me that the ex-girlfriend of the brother of her soon-to-be-husband had just opened a cool superfood café in Munich (later to be known to me as Bite Delite). That was long before I knew of my future frequent visits to Munich.  And when I separately searched for Munich and acai bowls, this was the what I found.

Every dish includes at least one superfood. For breakfast they offer cold (yogurt, fruit, quark, smoothie, overnight oat) bowls or hot porridge.  An array of cakes, healthy salads, wraps, sandwiches and soups are all prepared To Go but it’s spacious enough to take a seat and dine in.  In that fridge with the pre-made meals you can choose from plentiful drinks as well; homemade smoothies as well as local brand sodas, juices or lemonades.

Now to their bowls:  matcha-, mango- or açai-.  The latter tasted like most of my German açai bowls samples. Thickish liquid and a perfect luke-cold temperature.  The granola experience however was a strange enough one.  It was a legit portion of crunchy muesli, topped with açai-smoothie and fruit.  Next time I’ll just ask for less (which I actually heard the lady behind me do).  Then it’ll be perfect.  Same for the green matcha-avocado bowl.  This one was room temperature, and the strong avocado taste defined its superb creaminess.  Sure enough it tasted very green, but especially good mixed with the sweet granola and fruit so that I favoured it.


Kurkuma (turmeric) latte is not that special anymore, but beetroot?  I’ve never heard of it, so of course a definite order for me!  Bite Delite made this newbie taste like hot beet juice with ginger and foamed nut milk – quite neat.  Apart from the usuals, they also make avocado milkshakes and vegan mango lassis.  And for dessert we split the black bean brownie.  I’ve never managed to bake one myself, so I was thrilled to be in a café which did it for me.  This sweet was better than many other brownies.  If you’re used to, lets say, “standard” sweets then you might be slightly distracted by the trace of the harsh bean flavour.  But to my liking, this made it ever so fudgy and soft, like every brownie should be!

Bite Delite is successful enough to now have two branches.  However that makes them need more hired staff too, of whom not all were too knowledgable.  I’d recommend this spot, if you’re craving your “healthy superfoods”, a vegan treat, unique drink or something tasty to go.  You’ll be sure to get a delightful bite.

Daddy Long Legs

I love them for their name already, don’t you?  This spot is right across from the University in town; and I can perfectly picture students splurging on a stylish snack in their breaks.  It’s not a place to peacefully work, more one for a “good mood” / “swing by” with cheerful music in the background.  You can vary the açai bowl from 5€ to more than 10€ depending on how many toppings you choose to add.  Same crunchy muesli deal as Bite Delite though: if you’re not too careful you’ll be left with dry granola in the bottom, oh well…  But atop, the açai is well done with rare additions such as fresh figs, pomegranate, lucuma or hemp powder.


Two smoothies they made as well, a savory quinoa bowl, some quesadillas and baked goods:  like the miniature Franzbrötchen! It was super cute. I usually disapprove of local treats becoming widespread (like I really don’t need Berlin bakers to sell Franzbrötchen for me, go to Hamburg if you want the real deal)  but this wonderful memory of home pleased much more than many I’m used to.  It was so cute and the last lonely one on display, that we luckily couldn’t resist.  Luckily because it was full of cinnamon and juicy-doughy goodness, as should be.  I also opted for the pre-packed coconut zucchini cake.  I do prefer cafés that display their food on real plates and don’t pre-wrap portions for you, but Daddy Long Legs set their priorities (long story short*).  And this cake was as mushy, soft, juicy as a splendid cake can be!  There I was at the end of a 7h train ride, almost falling asleep before my home stop, only wanting to nibble a tiny corner (because I don’t like big midnight snacks).  I didn’t rip very good and suddenly had half the slice in my hand.  Oh well 🙁   Except ‘oh well 🙂 ‘, cause as soon as I sampled that corner the other side didn’t even outlast it’s way to Hamburg.  Not even for a nice picture…  (*long story short: it was amazing!)

But to finish it up here, Daddy Long Legs is small and very fitting to “Uni-district” I’d say. I wonder what LMU students think of it – if I were one, I would come by every how often my wallet allows.


Bite Delite:

Maffeistr. 6, 80333 (Fünf Höfe) – Mo – Fr: 8 – 19:30, Sa: 9 – 19:00

Schellingstr. 15, 80799 (Maxvorstadt) – Mo – Fr: 8 – 19:30, Sa: 9 – 19:00

Daddy Long Legs:

Barer Str. 42, 80799 (Maxvorstadt) – Mo – Fr: 8 – 19:00, Sa: 10 – 19:00

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  1. Andrea
    November 9, 2016

    This makes me want to go to either one right away!

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