Some Eateries in Zagreb

October 31- November 1, 2015

We didn’t spend much time in Zagreb; just Halloween night… our plain left the next morning.  (Who would dare to tour Croatia “out-of-season” 😉).

That means in complete darkness there really only was enough time to eat… Dinner at Fajn, dessert #1 at Vis a Vis, and dessert #2 at The Cookie Factory!


We chose Fajn for our last Croatian dinner.  A little restaurant, hidden in cobblestone covered, windy, old town streets.  Their menu is nice and small which alleviated the choice.  It changes daily depending on what the chef finds at the market.  We couldn’t get by not ordering their appetizers.  First the creamy jerusalem artichoke soup with roasted chestnuts, grand padano and polenta chips.  Next: Goose liver pate, bruschetta, kohlrabi julienne, and roasted beet root salad.  And last but foremost the Black risotto with cuttlefish, cherry tomatoes, root vegetables and leek.  Between the roasted tenderloin with gnocchi and hake, I chose the roasted fillet of hake with jerusalem artichoke cream, caramelized shallots and glazed hokkaido gourd.


The only dessert choice was a creamy chocolate cake – tasted more like mousse au chocolate on pie crust with some raspberries!  The service was cheerful, their dishes flavorful and the intimate atmosphere gave it all the right touch.

Vranyczanyeva ul. 6, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia (in the upper town)


 Vis a Vis by Vincek

Being in Croatia’s capital, I really wanted to find the best ice cream, something worth writing about.  After a quick google search and evaluation we opted for “Vincek Slasticarnica” (croatian for cake shop).  Just before we arrived, we passed by a cute little patisserie called “Vis a Vis by Vincek“.  They are an offspring of the famous Vincek, and offer vegan, raw, gluten free and organic sweets.  After a short investigation; it was clear that Vis a Vis was the better choice – unique, kinder, and more tasty!  So I finally got my ice cream.  My ice cream was definitely yummy, but not nothing worth bragging about.  However, the Chocolate Raspberry Cake was.  Two chocolate raspberry cakes in one evening was a bit too much; so this one was only devoured at the airport the next morning.  What an awesome way to travel home, still enjoying the last remnants of Croatia!


Tomićeva ul. 2, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia ( in the upper town, 3min walk from Fajn)


 The Cookie Factory

We were walking back to the hotel, but I just couldn’t resist checking out The Cookie Factory before we left Zagreb.  I know we had just finished our second dessert that night, but there was always the option of just buying cookies for the plane ride or so… So after walking halfway back to the hotel I finally made up my mind and convinced my parents.  My sister and I trotted through the old streets of Zagreb – after all it was Halloween and we hadn’t nearly eaten enough sweets yet, especially American ones.

“Life is uncertain, eat dessert first”

The Cookie Factory was initiated by Teo Jurdana who went to college in the US, and desired to bring some American culture back home.  Anyhow, this is not your typical grab-and-go place… The interior is super cozy; a place friends can hang out for a few hours.  Painted walls with quotes (see above/below), cute lamps, comfy sofas.  After making all the effort to get here we couldn’t just leave with a few cookies in a bag for tomorrow.  So a few minutes later we found ourselves slouched in some chairs being served in two porcelain bowls and real silver: first, a heated peanut butter-chocolate-cookie-sandwich topped with ice cream, and second, melting ice cream on top of a steaming brownie.


This dessert was for sure the best of the three that night!

“Eat here, diet at home”

This quote, as painted on there wall perfectly described our night.  Though unfortunately I didn’t quite get as far as the pumpkin cheesecake, or cocoa s’more cookie – that’s something to look forward to next time.  And before heading back to the hotel we naturally stocked up a bit more for the flight…

Ul. Ivana Tkalčića 21, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

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