Ron Telesky

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“Food & Drinks, comics, swing dance & good music” – That’s what they call themselves.  I think that’s underrated.  In my opinion “homey Canadian, authentic, exotic pizza by the slice, indie rock music, the nice-grungy…” is a better fit.


Half of the seating area is filled by a moose’s head (stuffed by the actual Ron Telesky) which makes the low tables and tree trunk stools even more genuine.

But come here for their food:



This so-call pizzeria, serves huge slices of pizza, and that’s the real reason why to come here!  Apparently this canadian edible triangle is twice as large and thin than it’s more known NY equal, not to forget more ingenious!  Meat, Veggie and Vegan – we chose Couchpotatoe (sheep milk sauce, potato, sweet potato, fresh rosemary), Cronnenberg Crash (coriander pesto, cheddar, tandoori tofu, bell pepper, mango, peanuts) and Back to the Future (marinara, mozzarella, cheddar, gorgonzola, peanuts).  Get as many of those slices as you want, even up to a whole pie… or add some of the tiny leftover slices that are less than 1€.  But no matter what you choose, all can be topped with fresh arugula, chili maple sauce, homemade hot sauce and sweet mustard.

pizza essen ohne besteck


Where? Dieffenbachstraße 62, 10967 (Kreuzberg)

When? Tu-Su: 12:30pm-10pm

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