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“Farm house charm with a breeze of California, woody & rustic, stuffed with plants & country music, handcrafted food adorned with a fistful of love” *

That’s what it is – and I won’t try to depict it in my own words.  Off some rowdy streets, that might deter you from getting here, it’s one of the best brunches (or any meal) I’ve had in Berlin.  The interior is stunning.  It sorta feels like a rural mountain hut; dead elk head on the wall, mystical jars behind the counter, plants and wood everywhere… Though not very spacious, you still might be served on a huge rustic tray – that is if you choose my favorite dish:

Spinach pear smoothie, kale salad and thyme tea

The kale salad with raw kale a wonderfully zangy tahini dressing, black beans, avocado,  poached egg, parmesan, crusty soft toasted artisan bread chunk croutons, roasted seeds and crisply toasted rosemary twigs.  I usually don’t think of a salad for breakfast, but who defines what belongs to what meal nowadays!?  This salad is even worth a cold hour wait outside.  My other favorite is El Camino: If huevos rancheros is too boring, than what about adding spinach, tahin, chickpeas, salad… Just as delicious; it’s a comforting and warm savoury meal to be scraped or of it’s cast iron pan.

The food is a great interpretation of what’s common in hip US cafés but just being explored Germany: sandwiches including beetroot, goat cheese, poached eggs, avocado maybe sprinkled with sesame, lemon or thyme; kale salad; homemade granola; peanut butter toast sundae (no ice cream).  They cook with seasonal ingredients and put a real good twist on the contemporary foodie scene.  The cakes are another indulgence for themselves.

In German there’s this saying:

Ist das Kunst, oder kann das weg?

“Is this art, or can it go”.  These desserts are an artwork for themselves, but they definitely have to proceed from their disposition to be eaten.  We shared the double decker red beet cake with orange royal icing, pomegranate and thyme.  They told me it was red beet, but it tasted 100% like one of the best carrot cakes I’ve had before.  Really juicy and dense with the perfect complement of creamy icing and crunchy sour pomegranate.

Now last (quote) but not least (poetic):

“You’re only here for a short visit.  Don’t hurry, don’t worry.  And be sure to smell the flowers along the way” *

Very fanciful, but this one I want to depict.  You’re only here for a short visit [good].  Don’t hurry (impossible, looking at their menu), don’t worry (I might, about which dish to choose).  And be sure to smell the flowers [cacti and herbs] along the way… 

So to spend your time worrying before hand what to choose (kale salad!).  Here’s the current menu.  Good things take time.


Where? Pannierstr. 43, 12043 (Neukölln)

When? Mo: CLOSED, Tu-Fr: 9:30 – 19:00, Weekends 10-19:00 (kitchen closes at 18:00)

Check here, for their self representation*

P.S: My only little critique I have for Roamers is that, by wanting to keep their aura as true as possible, they don’t seem to heat the common room.  That prompts me to order at least one plant infused tea per visit (at least in the winter).

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