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I have the impression that the new standard for breakfast places is avocado toast with poached eggs, at least in Germany that’s the new  discovery.  It seems to somehow qualify an eatery to some higher level – or maybe it just makes me think that they have some higher concept… a better one than just nicely assorted fruit, three different kinds of German rolls and samples of jam and cheese… however nice it’s made up to be, it’s just not my cup of tea.

In Berlin I wouldn’t say this is a very new thing, but in Hamburg the only avocado & poached egg combo I’ve had was in my kitchen – until, I came upon RAIN Cafeatery in the heart of Ottensen.

The menu already looked great and breakfast tasted as good as it appeared.  The selection wasn’t too vast, but nothing didn’t tempt me.  Slightly less variants for vegetarians, and not favorable for vegans, but splendid for omnivores.  Homemade sourdough bread accompanying most savory meals with avocado, hummus, poached eggs, maple glazed bacon or lox, scrambled eggs and omelettes…

My starter was a strawberry-red beet smoothie.  The only and daily smoothie, so that made the choice easy.  As a beautiful change to the mason jars, that are another “standard” item of new cafés, it was served in a flat wide glass.   The same ones which were stacked on the magazine rack, to be refilled with lemon-mint infused water as one wished…

Next came, (for the three of us): Homemade sourdough bread topped with one of these three: 1. Chorizo scrambled eggs, avocado, sautéed tomato sauce.  2. Avocado, hummus, poached egg.  3. Eggs Benedict with maple-glazed bacon.  (listed in order of my preference).  The latter two were accompanied by a fresh salad with pomegranates.  I most preferred the scrambled eggs because many flavors and tastes were combined, like the juicy rich tomato sugo, which perfectly soaked into the sourdough bread, topped with soft avocado all below the perfectly spiced chorizo scrambled eggs.


Dessert was a very deliberate decision, but we ended up with the pancakes (very happily).  Those really rounded off the meal perfectly: soft, chewy … – however one can describe perfectly made pancakes (the words won’t come to my mind) – decorated with maple syrup, mascarpone, pistachio, blueberries, physalis, pomegranate, pear and one little almond.

Apart from the food, the interior was comforting as well.  Not big, nor small with some antique amenities, a clean, industrial feel and cactus decorating the food photography backdrop.  The back window with views to the courtyard gave the far tables a streak of light and an outside atmosphere.  We had an early brunch; it was easy to find a spot at 9:45 but by the time we left the place was bustling.


I really look forward to coming here again.  It could serve as a  meetup among friends or a special occasion brunch.  The whole morning was an indulgence.

Where? Große Rainstraße 15 (Ottensen)

When? Mo-Su: 9-18

Price: €€ (main dishes, 7-12€)

My favorites: Pancakes (10€) & Chorizo scrambled eggs (9€), Strawberry-Red Beet Smoothie



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  1. Samantha Crouch (expat_in_hamburg)
    April 26, 2016

    Love this post and love this cafe! Great find!

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