Ombak Bagus Bowls

“Ombak” means waves in Indonesian.  “Bagus” is good.  Exactly that vibe is transmitted by these bowls.  After my first bite, I got the feeling that I was hanging at a tropical surf beach.  This little “surf shack” feels very bohemian, right in the middle of Eppendorf!  Only later did I figure out this name game and that the owners are dedicated surfers with an apparent fondness for Bali.  Four smoothie bowls, four surf islands of Indonesia: Bali, Java, Sumbawa, Mentawai.

Ombak Bagus Bowls started out as a local açai bowl delivery service (the owners themselves even bike it to your door and the glasses are refundable).  They were the pioneers of açai bowls in Hamburg.  I had tried every other açai bowl in town last year (check out my guide) except Ombak’s cause I’m not the type to order food home.  As soon as it popped up in Eppendorf, I fixed a date with my sis to go.  And now I can compare to the eight other bowls:  I’d rank Ombak tied first with Mad About Juice and Nord Coast.

The açai and smoothie bowls are served in light coconut shells with wooden spoons.  Topped with (finally!) not too sweet home-baked granola, and a mix of tropical and local fruits. They tasted flavourful, weren’t too cold and had a spoonable thick texture.  I might have preferred a tad bigger portion but in the end half a coconut actually fits more than it looks.

From 12 onwards they serve savoury Poké Bowls.  Whoever hasn’t heard of Poké Bowls before, think of sushi as a salad.  Rice with greens, toppings such as avocado, sushi ginger, mango or sprouts, an asian dressing and a protein: tofu, tempeh or sashimi.

☁︎ Now this little surf shack with their homemade bowls is an exclusive bohemian spot for açai bowls:  in Eppendorf, in a German metropolis and distant from real açai or surfing.  The surfing pictures (many of which the owners took themselves), turquoise painted wooden table pallets, and a simple, functional interior makes Ombak Bagus Bowls as welcoming as it is.

Where? Pop Up till February on Eppendorfer Landstraße 33, or to be ordered to your home

When? Tu-Fr 9-18, Sa-Su 10-18; delivery service 9-15:00 (to be ordered the day before till 16:00)

Cost: smoothie bowls 6,50€, poke bowl tofu 7,50€, – tempeh 9,50€, – sashimi 10.50

No Bathroom, No Wifi (but very interesting surfing magazines)

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