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Split, Croatia:  A must for your sweet tooth, when visiting this old Dalmatian Town!  Amazing cakes, and huge scoops of ice cream with unusual, varying, yet invariably sumptuous flavors: yogurt rosemary, caramel cookie, lavender honey, carrot cake, chocolate orange biscuit…  Some of the flavors had huge chunks inside, like carrot cake, where part of my scoop was an actual slice of their carrot cake.  To be honest it was literally carrot cake and ice cream à la Coldstone.

Luka's flavors

Caramel Cookie
Caramel Cookie

They also had an open plate of poppyseed cake to sample every day, it didn’t take two visits for us to rise to the bait and buy a big long roll for the road.


Only later we learned, that this Makovnjaca, (which supposedly means something like rolled poppyseed), is one of the most traditional sweets in the whole country – always present on Christmas and Easter.  Luka’s got the ratio of dense, rich filling to light dough just right and it wouldn’t have been as good if not for the juicy, sweet raisins inside.  (Believe me, I actually don’t like raisins in baked goods but here they really did fit!)


The next dessert that was a first to my liking was the chocolate Whisky Torta.  Cake and alcohol (take rum-marble cake for example) doesn’t work for me, but again I was rebutted.  So whatever secret tricks they’re using, I guess I could watch them here↓ …

Luka's kitchen


Where? Ul. Petra Svačića 2, 21000, Split, Croatia (just outside the palace walls)

When? Mo-Th: 9am – 1am, Fr-Sa: 9am-2am, Su: 10am-1am

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