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If it’s fathers day, or you need to take your dad out for his birthday – this is the perfect place to go.  But don’t take me wrong, it’s definitely worth going here on any other occasion too… Hej Papa is a little neighborhood café in Neustadt, between downtown and St. Pauli.  This is a district worth checking out for itself too:  First of all the famous Gängeviertel.  A historic open area saved from destruction some years ago, now dedicated to exhibits, workshops and a lively mix of different people.  But right next-door is FELD’S Salat, where you can assemble your own salad and have Luicella’s Ice Cream!  Poolstraße also offers a cute, boutique stationary store and Gudberg Nerger, a high-end magazine shop.  Further down, the street is a “stylish” ice cream parlor with unique flavors – Eiskantine.  Then you hit Großneumarkt, a plaza with a famers market on Tuesdays and Saturdays, lots of restaurants, and   Wohngeschwister.  That’s one of my many favorite small Hamdinavian (Hamburg-Scandinavian) style home deco/furniture shops in Hamburg.  Take a stroll through Wexstraße too – there’s a little, cozy Swabian restaurant that specialize on Spätzle (Zum Spätzle) and many individual shops.

But back to why I actually spent my day here: Hej Papa.  They serves delicious breakfasts, lunches, and offer very good coffee with locally roasted beans by Ulrich Karroux.  I really liked the whole interior design and the atmosphere it created: old kitchen tiles along the walls, industrial lighting, large wooden tables, an open kitchen behind the counter that displayed fresh baked goods…  They offer outside seating along the street, and if you want it super cozy then you can sit in the little bay window that seats two – sorta japanese style.  It’s a really nice cafe.

… a bit of the chaos
… a bit of the chaos

Their breakfast is a great start to the weekend. The selection isn’t that large, though that doesn’t make anything easier to decide.  A variety of cheeses, jam, the soft flaky croissants, scrambled eggs, some orange quark with homemade granola and fruit, different breads … a bonus is their poached eggs and arugula in a glass.  I couldn’t resist the red beet carrot quiche and even my dad liked it!

left: Französisches Frühstück (croissant, warm camembert, jams, orange quark with granola) salad, top: two poached eggs with arugula in a glas, right: red beet carrot quiche with salad
left: Französisches Frühstück (croissant, warm camembert, jams, orange quark with granola, fresh salad), top: two poached eggs with arugula in a glas, right: red beet carrot quiche with salad

Come here for a weekend breakfast before touring around any of the most interesting parts of Hamburg: the harbor, downtown, St. Pauli, Reeperbahn, the huge park Planten un Blomen, hip Sternschanze… all within a 15 minute walk

Where? Poolstr. 32, 20355 (Neustadt)

When? Mo-Fr: 9:00-17:00, Do: 19:00-24:00
Sa & So: 10:00-17:00

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