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Eimsbüttel, Hamburg:  It’s finally time to write about Happen Pappen, the vegan “Wohnküche”.  Sorta means living room kitchen; which describes it perfectly.  Nestled in what looks like an apartment with three different dining rooms, even a couch area.  The food equally fits its title. (Short explanation: I get fed up with going out to eat too often.  I couldn’t be fine-dining every evening.  When coming home from traveling for example, what I most look forward to is a home-cooked meal – something that feels healthy, homey and not overdone). But Happen Pappen doesn’t have this too rich, dining out feel; I could eat here everyday…

however, even

3 meals in 24 hours seem to be right

That only happened once.  I went for their daily lunch, burger dinner and brunch the next morning.

Lately I’ve been going here at least once a week, devouring either their burgers or weekend breakfasts.  Sometimes I check by if I crave a smoothie or need a raw cake to pep me up.  Weekend or Weekday – they always have a salad and quiche.  Just today I heard a girl say that vegan quiches aren’t as abundant as the non-vegan, though she got something wrong.  These quiches are creamy, juicy and rich.  The daily lunch menu has offered anything from zucchini noodles, filled sweet potatoes, eggplant stews, kale bowls – to the most vegan it can get: Mac ‘n Cheese…


Happen Pappen vegan burger

However my favorite reason to come is for BURGERS – and their accompanying mayos of course.  In a fluffy spelt bun it’s somewhat inedible without making a mess; so you can get a burger bowl too.  Either way you’ll get a pattie (my favorite is the seitan) amazing vegan mayos, that range from wasabi to Fritz-Cola®-BBQ (a hamburg coke brand that has become internationally successful) layered with different veggies.  The Bowl replaces the bun with salad and a side of oven-baked potatoes in Harissa-cocktail sauce.  But I recommend getting a side of those if you opt for the messy option.  (I’m assuming everybody agrees that burgers are finger-food.)  They’re – all of it is – scrumptious, and never gets old!


On weekends they offer unique breakfast menus.  Three different triple decker sandwiches with smoked tofu or seitan, avocado, (sun-dried or fresh) tomatoes, the mayos! and more…  Those have been my favorite lately.  However the buckwheat pancake – either savory – with almond butter, avocado, tomatoes – or sweet – with banana, chocolate, powdered sugar are quite notable as well.

Sunday Brunch with Quiche and Sandwich-Deckers
Valentines Brunch


Well I prefer the Bangok Lime tea, lemonades, and smoothies. Coffee isn’t my thing.  Though cakes are always scrumptious.  They bake two raw ones: strawberry-cashew and avocado-lime, a sugar free apple-bread, a really rich juicy carrot cake with cashew cream cheese frosting… or for the more decadent versions I love the swedish apple cake and chocolate mousse cherry torte.  The latter two have a special creamy vegan frosting that I’ve never tasted anywhere else before.

vegan raw cashew raspberry cake

I really could go on forever here, but should get to an end.  Happen Pappen is my favorite option for eating out.  I know what I like – it hits the spot and never gets boring.  Always vegan, fun, cozy and relaxed!

Where? Feldstraße 36, (across the street from U3 Feldstraße)

When? Mo-Fr: 12-22  (lunch till 17, burgers from 18) Sa: 10-22, Su: 10-17

websitetheir daily menu on facebook


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  1. […] I love Happen Pappen over everything and not only cause they’re the most chillax vegan that’s been around the longest… but everything is literally finger-licking (if you forget to bring along your spatula to clean the dishes more politely).  So I’m allowed to be critical – I think that the açai bowls weren’t the best; not terrible, but it tasted more like a wild berry (a bit too liquid) smoothie bowl.  However the portion was large and filling enough for a breakfast.  But for any brunch when it’s not bursting hot I’ll probably always opt for the triple decker avocado-tempeh sandwiches… (read more here) […]

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