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Ice Cream

Below, the the only places I eat ice cream in my town – in my opinion the best ice cream parlors in Hamburg.  Partially it’s the variety of flavors, the texture and consistency or just the aura of being there ☯.


Eis & Innig

Eis & Innig is the new ice cream shop in Hamburg. I had heard lots about it before I came to try for myself.  It was different than I expected, more simple, but great surely.  I love their design: the playful chairs, logo and big flavour board . . . Nothing is outrageous, but the details make the difference, and those are all perfect.

Ice cream here isn’t experimental or anything, it’s plain and perfected.  Cone, cup, spaghetti or milkshake are your choices.  Most flavors are pure: yogurt, pistachio, coconut, mango, cucumber . . .  although I've seen some more mixes lately too, like white chocolate-matcha, or quark-sesame-caramel.  The girls that work here let you sample, or even recommend you what to sample – like vanilla and apricot.  Both not something I would usually choose, but I was impressed.  Otherwise chocolate and black currant are always a win.

Everything is completely natural and homemade in the integrated kitchen right behind the counter. This frozen treat is without extra flavoring, any preservatives or additives – but created with love by Eibe and his team.

A pros pros Eibe, he’s the owner. I tried to present myself as a smart food blogger to him, carrying my camera around, whilst holding my apricot scoop with colorful sprinkles in my hand.  He said “Apricot, good choice, but did you know that the sugary sprinkles veil the fine fruity flavour with their sweetness?” – oops, no I didn’t know.  I thought “pretty sprinkles, for free, why not?”.  But it’s true, and especially here is the spot where the flavors matter – no piling of sweetness.  So for next time I knew and turned apricot into the sprinkle on hazelnut (see below).

Eis & Innig ice cream
hazelnut, apricot (kids' scoop) VS. chocolate, black currant (normal scoop)

The scoops might seem quite expensive at first (1,40€) but every further scoop is only 1€, as are all kids’ scoop.  Talking about kids, it’s full of them here!  This is the most playful ice cream store I have been too, with stools and design matching this theme. One of Hamburg's specialty coffee shops is called Playground Coffee . . . though that's a playground for mid 20ies to 30ies.  Eis & Innig could be Playground Ice Cream. Anyhow they don't get their specialty coffee from the other Playground, they get it from Black Delight – our favorite local coffee roaster. Last but not least there is self-serve tap water (lemon-infused or natural). Shouldn't that be a must in every ice cream and pizza store?  Italian’s are salty.  Although is ice cream even that salty?  Hmmm . . . well whatever it is, it makes me thirsty.  Yes, yes I’m getting off track . . . So:

Eis & Innig has it all – the perfected minimalistic ice cream, free water, cute pointy cones and a wonderful playful feeling.

Where? Klosterallee 102 (Eppendorf)

When? Mo-Fr: 13-19:00, Sa-Su: 12-19:00

How much? first normal scoop 1,40€, every further scoop 1€, smaller kids scoop 1€

Other Info: free tap water, many vegan choices, no bathroom, one plug

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[Ah-sigh-EE ] in Hamburg

{Guide: skip to 🍧 for my opinion on the acai bowls, or to ❄ for info about the temperature}

San Francisco, Summer 2015: "The coolest breakfast I ever had" My very first açai bowl was from BOWL D'AÇAI, a food truck on Mint Plaza. The area around it is quite grubby,but then you land here: full of business men splurging on their quarts of açai before work… Made right in the truck.  All I can say is that these bowls were soo amazing, the best ever, creamy and just awesome! And right across the street is Blue Bottle Coffee if you need even more energy… or just a restroom 😉   My second try was from BASIK CAFE.  An actual café this time with seating spots. Again, I don't remember much other than that this slush kept me just as filled and speechless as the first.......

………and they kept my expectations very high.

Back in HH I was desperate to find this wonder.  At first: nothing.  After three months of waiting I saw a sign on the street by a new café (Paledo).  Written on it: acai bowls.  What!?  Did I see that right?  I stopped mid-bike to turn around and check it out, and yes, that's exactly what it said.  Since then this business has constantly been growing.

At the start of my survey there were exactly three spots that served açai bowls (which all had opened within the last month), now there are nine!  Just last week my favorite vegan spot, Happen Pappen, added açai to their breakfast menu.  So I better finish this survey before it turns impossible…

I can't call myself an açai-pro (like my cousin whose second home is Brazil) but will try my best to review the variety of this breakfast… snack or lunch (whatever it is for you) – in the order by which they started serving this fruit bowl.

For a quick evaluation, this is my opinion
⇒ the slushy, cold one - best for a hot day: MAD about juice
⇒ beautiful spot, lovely café and delicious other dishes: Nord Coast
⇒ feels like you are on Bali: Ombak Bagus Bowls

However, I've come to realize that how ever much I like acai-bowls, Hamburg isn't the place for them. Although some aren't bad at all, most are pricey and not too spectacular. So if you're new to alai-bowls or aren't craving one, I would suggest you save the experience for San Francisco, or better Brazil or Hawaii, maybe Bali and devour some amazing ice cream, cinnamon rolls or waffles as a sweet snack.



Ombak Bagus Bowls

açai bowl, green smoothie bowl and hot matcha tea

PRICE VS. QUALITY: ++ (6,50€)
AMOUNT: medium, not that large

They were the açai pioneers of Hamburg – started as a delivery service, then residing in Eppendorf as a Pop Up, now having their own location downtown.  It turned out to be one of my favorite açai bowls of Hamburg!  We were in here in the midst of winter and once we dug into that açai bowl (and green smoothie bowl) we felt teleported onto Bali. Seriously, it just has that vibe. The bowls are super light coconut shells, topped with homemade and not to sweet granola with extra roasted coconut strips and tropical fruit.  The two owners are surfers themselves, who spent lots of time on the waves of Bali.  For lunch they make the famous Poké Bowls: that's like a rice veggie buddha bowl topped with sashimi, tempeh or tofu.



PRICE VS. QUALITY: + (7,50€)
AMOUNT: not too small, filling

The first açai that I heard of in Hamburg was from PALEDO.  A paleo café in Eppendorf, which already opened a second branch on hip Mühlenkamp, less than a year after their first opening on Lehmweg.  I went here with the açai-pro, aka my cousin.  🍧 She said it didn't show any similarity to those of Brazil (which I now realise none in HH do, except maybe MAD about juice) but she still liked it as much as I did.  Nice portion, not overpriced, spoonable consistency and plentiful toppings! They're the café with the biggest variety of a-bowls, well that's three, but they also offer overnight oats, chia pudding, smoothie bowls, buddha bowls or sweet-potato avocado toast.  And it's definitely a heaven for the gluten-intolerant.




AMOUNT: very little

This was the first açai bowl that I actually tasted in Hamburg; and my first breakfast of my raw food week.  This instagram worthy, stylish little juice studio is just of the main street in St. Georg.  It's definitely unique for a healthy, fresh "grab and go" breakfast on your way to work - only a 10min walk from the main train station (Hbf).  They serve a variety of juices, and small pre-made breakfast bowls or paninis. 🍧 Unfortunately my açai breakfast was very small and much too liquid with just a few toppings that sunk into the liquid.  However OMJ didn't open for their açai proficiency.  They specialize on home-made, delicious cold-pressed juices made with local, sustainable ingredients.  So just be sure to come here with the right desire 😉


moki's goodies:

PRICE VS. QUALITY: 0 (7,90€)
AMOUNT: medium, not that large

A casual café between Eimsbüttel and Eppendorf…  They started out quite small with daily avocado smoothies that I used to always get after my races, baked goodies and basic brunches… which have now expanded to vegan breakfast platters, avocado toast and açai-bowls!  This one I had as a pre-run snack which worked perfect (and I'm picky when it comes to eating before running)! 🍧 I personally liked the tangy flavor (more fruity-ish than berry-ish) and the change of toppings: nutty granola, puffed amaranth, pomegranate, dried flowers… A bit too liquid in my opinion, but very refreshing and appetizing.


Mad About Juice:

here you can see the thickness

TOPPINGS: + (nice granola)
PRICE VS. QUALITY: ++ (6,50€ Mühlenkamp, 6,90€ Downtown)
AMOUNT: not too small, filling

Mühlenkamp is a collection of hip places; amidst them was the only raw food café of Hamburg (Gracias Madre, that unfortunately now moved to Isla Hotbox on Mexico).  This juice bar has a stylish and dim upscale surf feel to it; a peaceful sous-terrain with creative interior.  It attracts all those posh sunglass ladies from the Alster, or the suited men in downtown.  But they serve açai bowls, so why not? 🍧 They're literally mind-blowing, a bit too cold for my head at first 😇 (compare to Lebeleicht ❄️ below) but with that comes the creamy smooth and thick texture that no-one else in Hamburg can make.  And I loved the super crunchy cinamonn-y granola, although that always varies.


Nord Coast: 


PRICE VS. QUALITY: + (7,50€)
AMOUNT: medium, not that large

A noticeable advantage: it's owned by a Brazilian.  We chatted with her and it turns out that they import their frozen açai pulp straight from Brazil (so nothing like those too liquid smoothie bowls with a tad of acai powder)!  Their speciality is coffee for sure, and café-ish meals (like amazing red beet-lox toasts, avocado with poached eggs, banana bread and gluten free waffles…)  🍧 but the açai bowls hit the spot as well (backed up by 2nd açai-pro, aka my cousins mom).  It was creamy-fruity, had the best texture-temperature combo yet, with classical toppings and pretty toppings.  Next I recommend the mango-matcha-spinach bowl.  It's sorta half savoury, half sweet and quite an interesting unique bowl, especially for Hamburg.  But if you wanna play it safe, the waffles are truly splendid and the red beet lox toast doesn't lack in toppings.


Fetch closed down, not a big loss to be honest.



PRICE VS. QUALITY: - (6,90€)
AMOUNT: very little

Well I've been wanting to come here for a while already… but was quite disappointed from my experience.  This acai bowl was worth the try, because now I know even better what they actually should be like.  And even if it were half as expensive I wouldn't come here again.  Only now I realized how important small, individual cafés are to Hamburg.  The staff should feel like it belongs to the place, cares and knows what their menu and food.  Fetch sounds as perfect as it could get: avocado on sourdough, ricotta pancakes, banana bread with cream cheese and berries, vegan quinoa salad… but the two things I had weren't very satisfying: 🍧 the immensely overpriced tiny acai bowl with a very uneven texture and temperature, and topped banana bread with a sweet fluffy cream cheese, but still too dry.  The interior tries to imitate a fancy city-version of a chilled post-surf hang out and the posh people around Mühlenkamp only pay these prices for looks and sounds, not tastes…


Happen Pappen (only in the summer):


PRICE VS. QUALITY: - (9,50€)
AMOUNT: not too small, filling

I love Happen Pappen over everything and not only cause they're the most chillax vegan that's been around the longest… but everything is literally finger-licking (if you forget to bring along your spatula to clean the dishes more politely).  So I'm allowed to be critical – 🍧 I think that the açai bowls weren't the best; not terrible, but it tasted more like a wild berry (a bit too liquid) smoothie bowl.  However the portion was large and filling enough for a breakfast.  But for any brunch when it's not bursting hot I'll probably always opt for the triple decker avocado-tempeh sandwiches... (read more here)


Lebeleicht Hamburg:

PRICE VS. QUALITY: + (7,59€) (all organic)
AMOUNT: somewhat small "great refreshing delicacy"

This is the first cold-pressed juice bar of Hamburg.  Right in the center of Eppendorf, super clean design, bar stools along the glas walls, an open area in the middle and some stylish products  presented on side shelves. But more importantly, all their smoothies, juices, raw lunch plates, and breakfast bowls are 100% organic!  I've finally managed to come and try their newest breakfast addition, of which there are also three different kinds!  🍧 The açai was real tastable, I want to describe it as delicate and fine somehow – every spoon I savoured from beginning to end. The owner, lady chef of Lebeleicht was super nice and honestly curious of our opinion: When I said how I loved the taste and toppings (especially the Rawnola) but had hoped for a bit thicker consistency she had a clear opinion.  In the end it depends on what you prefer: thicker or thinner texture… but for her it was important to get the temperature just right ❄️ so it does not freeze off your head and tastebuds.  In that case it can only be so thick, before turning into a slushy sorbet.

Was wir wirklich lieben:

PRICE VS. QUALITY: - (6,90€, but tiny)
AMOUNT: quite small 

Was wir wirklich lieben means "what we really love".  This trendy and casual is in the midst of posh Eppendorf.  Acai bowls, salad bar, sandwiches to go, avocado toast…  The interior is dim and comfortable and there's nice outside seating too. 🍧 My breakfast date here was explicitly planned to sample the açai bowl.  The bowl wasn't surprising in any way – similar to most others we find here.  In this case it was more of a small berry smoothie bowl than an acai bowl.  Fine to spoon, tasty, but nothing striking. I would wish for a bigger portion and a more special topping, that "normal people" might not have at home – such as hemp hearts or sprouted buckwheat, instead of flaxseeds.

Locations and hours:

→ Ombak Bagus: Uzwei – Große Bleichen 23-27 (downtown), Mo-Sa: 10-17

→ Paledo: Lehmweg 31a (Eppendorf/Hoheluft) Tu-Sa: 9-18, Sa: 10-17 ; also Mühlenkamp 1 (Uhlenhorst/Barmbek-Süd) Tu-Fr: 8-18, Sa-Su: 10-17

→ OH MY JUICE:  Schmilinksyallee 30 (St.Georg/HBF) Mo-Fr: 8-17

→ moki's goodies: Eppendorfer Weg 171 (Eimsbüttel/Hoheluft) Tu-Fr: 9-16, Sa-Su: 10-18 (a-bowls only till 12 on weekdays and 14 on weekends)

→ Mad About Juice: Mühlenkamp 12 (Uhlenhorst/Barmbek-Süd) Mo-Fr: 8-19, Sa-Su: 9-18 (a-bowls all day!), Dammtorstraße 29-32 (Downtown by Gänsemarkt) Mo-Fr: 8-20, Sa: 10-20

→ Nordcoast Coffee Roastery: Deichstraße 9, (Hafencity/Neustadt) Mo-Fr: 9-18, Sa-Su: 10-18 (a-bowls only till 12 on weekdays and 14 on weekends)

→ Happen Pappen: Feldstraße 36, (St. Pauli) Mo-Fr: 10-18 (a-bowls only on weekends till 14)

→ Lebeleicht Hamburg: Eppendorfer Landstraße 60 (Eppendorf) Mo-Fr: 9-18, Sa: 10-18 (a-bowls all day!)

→ Was wir Wirklich Lieben: Hegestraße 28 (Eppendorf), Mo-Fr: 9-18, Sa: 10-18 (a-bowls only till 12 on weekdays, all day on the weekend!)


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Favorite Ice Cream in the States

"It's easy to find the best ice cream shops.  Just look for the longest lines!"     – Me

I had the most amazing, delicious and overwhelming ice cream experiences this summer… it's really hard to decide which I liked most but I think my most memorable experience was at  Salt & Straw in Portland.  That's also where I came up with this quote.  We had to wait in line for more than 30 minutes!  After Portland we were in San Francisco and planned on going to Bi-Rite Creamery . Outside I heard a guy telling his coworker how to arrange the line on the street so it wouldn't be in the way of all the pedestrians.  Also Diddy Riese in Westwood, LA.  There's never not been a line in that awesome ice cream sandwich shop.  There are just enough incredible and unique ice cream shops, why waste an experience on a place that's not worth it?  Hence I thought of this motto; "It's easy to find the best ice cream shops.  Just look for the longest lines!" (yes ok… I might make an exception on a rainy or cold winter day, or at 11AM in the morning :).

So here's to if you're interested what my favorite ice cream spots where along the West Coast (Bellingham, WA; Portland, OR; Santa Barbara, CA; Los Angeles, CA) and Boulder, CO.  If you happen to be just somewhere in between, then look where I listed my favorite chains below.

Mallard's Ice Cream - Bellingham, WA:  A quirky, innovative original ice cream parlor in downtown Bellingham.  They produce fresh, with an emphasis on organic, local ingredients and have an admirable selection of classic, and partially strange, but delicious flavors.  Each flavor is listed in its own font, style and color which sometimes makes it hard to read – and occasionally, even if you can read it, you might have no idea what it means.  That happened to me with  "Frankincense", which is "an aromatic gum resin obtained from an African tree and burnt as incense" if that helps 😉 .  They called it tree sap from Africa 🙂 it was something I'd never tasted before, but I'd definitely take it again!  Other flavors that they have had on their menu before were black pepper sour cream, mint oreo, and coconut flake with rum.  They always have a good selection of dairy free flavors too.  If you're not sure, just ask for a sample (or many), which they happily give you in a little metal spoon.  For still indecisive people there's an indecision scoop!  My best discovery this year was the fresh waffle cone dipped in hot fudge - that'll be inevitable for my next visits! (Warning!  Make sure to take lots of cash, cause they don't take credit card.)        → S'more flavors and where to find them

Salt & Straw - Portland, OR (also Los Angeles):  Let's start with their one and only possible con. There's a loooong line.  But I think I already proved that that isn't much of a con at all.  It's more proof of how good it is and why it's my all time favorite this year. First of all they have truly knowledgeable, friendly staff that even encourages you to sample more and more flavors.  They have some standard ice creams, sorbets and sherbets along with the seasonal ones. Flavors are partially classic, but there's many unique inventions like fennel-maple, pear-blue cheese, black olive-goat cheese, strawberry-honey-balsamic-black pepper.  My all time favorite creations were: almond brittle with salted ganache, freckled woodblock chocolate and arbequina olive oil.  The consistency of their artisian ice cream was utterly perfect, the optimal balance of sweetness, creaminess, richness and flavor.  Like Mallard's they offer a split scoop and kids scoops, for the indecisive of y'all.  Of course their cone is made freshly on spot, and you can choose from many different toppings.  They also offer sundaes, ice cream floats, and whole pint milkshakes.  Luckily it's all handmade in small batches using only all natural dairy with the best local, organic and sustainable ingredients.  So don't feel bad about getting lots of scoops!  → S'more flavors and their locations

Salt & Straw - LA
Salt & Straw - LA

Bi-Rite Creamery - San Francisco, CA:  A fairly small parlor that handcrafts ice cream,  and uses only their own baked goods for everything that goes into the ice cream - from brownies to Peanut Brittle.  They use very local and seasonal ingredients.  Although they might not offer the largest variety of flavors, they make up by offering ice cream sandwiches, -cakes, -pies, popsicles and soft serve ice cream.  They have seven signature sundaes – one of them: honey lavender ice cream, hot fudge, blood orange olive oil & maldon sea salt.  The staff even put together their own combo's and named them.  So if you can't decide, take their advice; a "trifecta" which is a scoop of each: salted caramel, brown sugar with ginger caramel swirl, and malted vanilla with peanut brittle and chocolate.  Or just create your own dessert with their baked goods, ice cream and any sauces or toppings!  It's definitely worth making a detour to try this place when you're in San Francisco! → S'more information

McConnell's Ice Cream – Santa Barbara:  You might have seen McConnell's Ice Cream in your supermarket before because they distribute all along the West Coast these days.  But once upon a time they started with just one little parlor in Santa Barbara.  Those long lines, the sampling with metal spoons, their authentic soCal atmosphere and many flavors probably made them so successful.  They didn't have these completely insane flavors with spicy herbs, strong and savory cheeses or healthy vegetables… like many of my other favorite places.  More a mix of standard ingredients, with new twists that were creative and authentic.  For example Toasted Coconut Almond Chip (rather than coconut ice cream with almonds) or Chocolate Cappuccino (instead of just chocolate and coffee).  In addition, lots of the flavors seemed very alike but still slightly varied: vanilla bean & golden state vanilla, or turkish coffee & black coffee chip & brazilian coffee…  So they must know what they're doing if they can afford to make so many similarities.   My all time favorite flavor was Double Peanut Butter Chip – rich and creamy with salty peanut butter and crunchy bits of bittersweet chocolate.  And since I couldn't decide on which further flavors to take I got the  "Flight - three scoop tasting"  which is like three flavors in 1.5 scoops!  All sauces, toppings, waffles and even whipped cream is homemade.  → S'more knowledge on where to eat them, where to buy them and everything else

Diddy Riese – Westwood, Los Angeles: All ice cream places I like seem to come with the disadvantage of being sort of pricey…  Diddy Riese is not one of those!   They are veteran cookie bakers that make amazing ice cream sandwiches at super affordable prices.  You'll have to wait in line at any time of day, but who wouldn't want to do that?  They also offer brownies and shave ice cream but I really recommend trying the ice cream sandwich first.  Customize it, from a choice of 10 different cookies and 12 different ice cream flavors (Dreyer's Ice Cream) for only $1.75.  (kind of paradox that two cookies plus one small scoop of ice cream actually cost $2.25). Diddy Riese is low-key, casual and a favorite among locals, especially college students.  Behind the counter they're are large racks where you can watch them empty huge batches of cookies coming out of the oven.  It's really a phenomenal place with great ambience and unpretentious customers and it's open all night long. (one little piece of information: CASH ONLY)   → S'more interesting stuff (like where to find them)

Diddy Riese Sammie
Diddy Riese Sammie


Coolhaus Ice Cream – Culver City (and more):  Coolhaus is a very cool haus (I'm from Germany, so I can say that 🙂 ) They started out as a small food truck and went to Coachella, where they became famous.  Today you can find them in two shops, multiple food trucks or in some grocery stores. Their flavors are legit but really insane, including ingredients such as popcorn, doritos or french fries and combos like Beer & Pretzels, Fried Chicken & Waffle, Brown Butter Candied Bacon.  For the not so daring, I think the more customary flavors are striking as well – Cinnamon Cookie Dough, Nutella with Almonds, Coffee Oreo, Salty S'mores…  Every day they offer 16 of these flavors and  roughly 8 different cookies.   I had a chocolate chip and red velvet cookie filled with Black Sesame and Honeycomb ice cream.  I love those basic but still unusual flavors.  It was perfect but truly a completely different experience than Diddy Riese's sammies.  Not better or worse - just totally different and worth it!  It's so-called architecturally inspired gourmet ice cream has quite a history to it.  Very interesting story here. → S'more of their flavors, locations and a cool blog.

Coolhaus Sammie
Coolhaus Sammie

Sprinkles Ice Cream – Beverly Hills (and more): Started out as just a dainty cupcake bakery – actually the first one in the world. Today they've also devoted themselves to handcrafting ice cream and mixing this with their famous pastries.  The result is something like a Sprinkles Sunday – a single scoop ice cream between cupcake top and bottom.  Or the twist on an ice cream sandwich – a scoop between two cupcake tops!  Even a Sprinkles Shake with, who would've guessed, a cupcake blended inside.  There's lots more standard creations, but even for just a plain scoop you can choose their fresh red velvet waffle cone.  Lots of places offer kids scoops how I've noticed, but the american version of a kids scoop is like a european normal scoop.  Sprinkles actually means it literally, the scoop is the size of a ping pong ball with a miniature cone.  Flavors vary through the week ranging from Vanilla-Hazelnut-Chocolate to Peanut Butter Cup or Red Velvet.  Today there's many venues throughout the US but not all of them sell ice cream.  If you want to be authentic though, go to the one in Beverly Hills, where it all started.  Apart from savoring your dessert while people watching, it just feels like you're doing the right thing at the right place (and right time 🙂 ).  Who would of thought that eating ice cream could actually feel somewhat sophisticated?   → S'more creations  and other facts

Glacier Homemade Ice Cream – Boulder, CO:  One day in Boulder I really really wanted to have a Coldstone Creamery Creation.  We asked some locals where to find the next Coldstone, but they told us not to go to Coldstone; had we ever tried Glacier Homemade Ice Cream?  It supposedly was like Coldstone just all already mixed in one flavor - literally so much better than Coldstone.  We told them thanks, but that we'd really just like to find Coldstone.  They didn't back off, so we decided to give Glacier a try.  Although they offer over 80 flavors at a time; ice cream, gelato, frozen yoghurt and many creations I was able to decide straight away what I wanted.  Peanut Butter Blast ♥ and they were right.  It was amazing! Unfortunately I don't remember too much more except that the next days we came back there again (and ended up not going to Coldstone a single time).  Every time I got the same flavor, because I couldn't dare to try anything that might be not quite as heavenly! → S'more info.

Glacier Ice Cream - Boulder, CO
Glacier Ice Cream - Boulder, CO

For everyone who's on the go – you probably know these ice cream parlors.  Here's my favorite flavors and what I like so much about them!

Coldstone Creamery: To me Coldstone is custom ice cream!  I wish I could just do it at home, but unfortunately my creation melts before I even start eating it… this creamery has the tiny advantage of a "cold stone".  Even 5 add-ins that range from fresh fruit, cookies, cakes, candy bars, to sauces, pretzels, or whipped cream, survive the preparation.  Multiple times already, they totally overestimated and ended up giving me one or two sizes larger than I ordered 😀 .  My favorite creation includes chocolate ice cream with brownies, fudge, extra peanut butter and oreos.  They've been really friendly to customizing, varying orders and fixing mistakes.  So you might pay the price, but it's definitely worth the treat every so often!

Ben & Jerry's:  Their ingredients are fair trade, they invented cookie dough, have a graveyard for their de-pinted flavors, and offer free ice cream and movie nights – can an ice cream brand get any better?  Their selection of flavors is awesome, with swirls, cores, cookie dough, brownies or fudge covered candy mixed in – amongst them, sorbet and frozen yogurt creations.  My favorites are Phish Food, The Tonight Dough, Boom Chocolatta and Hazed and Confused (how weird, in Germany they call that exact same flavor All or Nut-ting).  I think Ben & Jerries is very authentic, read through the menu the you'll see what I mean.  It doesn't seem like they're trying to compete with anybody, they're more individual and put a lot of effort into new flavors and inventions.  The newest one is the Core, made up of either cookie-spread, fudge, caramel or raspberry jam that goes like a funnel through the middle of the ice cream.

Baskin Robbins:  My favorites are Peanut Butter Chocolate, Gold Medal Ribbon and Mint Chocolate Chip.  The PB Chocolate, has the most amazing humongous peanut butter chunks inside, that, in my opinion, no other store has beaten.  Actually that's remarkable with most of their flavors – they don't spare on the add-ins. Another delicious thing was the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich – 2 inch diameter Oreo cookies filled with ice cream ( I chose chocolate oreo) - amazing, and a slight mess once I had finished… They also offer kids scoops.

Baskin Robbins
Baskin Robbins

Magnum Double Peanut Butter:  Langnese (known as Good Humor in the US) is a brand that originated in Hamburg, Germany in the 1930s making popsicles.  They're the #1 ice cream producer in Germany, and one of their favorite and most known handheld ice creams is Magnum.  Although not many people know of it in the US, this country still creates more peculiar varieties – how unfair is that!  So while I was in the States I had to try the Double Peanut Butter.  It was super delicious – truly rich peanut butter ice cream, covered in three different coats of chocolate and peanut buttery sauces.  You can buy it in most supermarkets, or kiosks so it's the perfect handheld ice cream to go! No spoon and no mess 🙂


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Luicella's Ice Cream

I just recently discovered this place in St. Pauli.  It's interior design is exceptional, and their logo is super cute!  Their slogan eine Kugel Lebensfreude means one scoop of vitality.  And the ice cream is a mix of the Italian style gelato along with a creativity and daringness of American flavors.



They produce naturally, (one can see them making the ice cream in the back of the shop) and offer a variety of vegan flavors as well as those from regional happy cows' (some days even goats' ) milk.  They go through multiple ice cream batches in one day.  I once came twice in a day and they didn't have the same flavors anymore.  The inspiration for all these flavors also come from their clients;  a chalkboard on the wall enables anyone to suggest a new flavor!  Some examples of what they have offered before:  cucumber-lime-mint, avocado-banana, yoghurt-lemoncurd-oats, pumpkin seed-vanilla, hazelnut-apricot, goat milk ice cream-almond-fir tip syrup,...  They also offer kids scoops which just allows you to have more flavors!  Not only are waffles for free but they have two cups with "self serve" chocolate and rainbow sprinkles that you can put on your ice cream - take as many as you want!

One scoop: 1,30€, every extra scoop: 1,10€, kids scoop:90¢

Where? Detlev-Bremer-Str. 46 ONLY SUMMER (St. Pauli/Reeperbahn) and Lange Reihe 113 (St. Georg)

When? daily 12:00-20:00 (Sa & Su at Lange Reihe from 11:00)


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Eis Schmidt

♦ big selection ♦ vegan ♦ many locations ♦ additional sweets & drinks ♦
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Enjoy it!

♦ freshly made ice cream ♦ local ♦ bo ♦ basic and creative flavors ♦ homemade waffles ♦ 
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♦ fresh ♦ local ♦ bo ♦ best in the area ♦

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