Hamburg is Germany’s second biggest town. However it feels distinctly different than the capital, Berlin. Our Hansestadt is only a fraction of its size, and definitely feels much more cozy. It’s neighborhoods are covered in green, with small parks hidden everywwhere. The famous harbor is what gives it an international flair. There, you’ll find the UNESCO world heritage area Speicherstadt as well as the sceptizied Elbphilharmonic. I find both breathtaking.


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However, there are more suited areas for cafés hopping and local window shopping. I especially recommend the following ones:

  • Eppendorfer Weg (Eimsbüttel): 2,8km long, individual shops and cafés, partially chic
  • Weidenallee & Weidenstieg (Eimsbüttel): near Isebek Kanal, individual boutiques and cafés
  • Marktstraße (Karo-viertel): independant, ecological, vegan, street art, hip
  • Schulterblatt (Sternschanze): gentrified, gritty, street art, full of vibe and niches
  • Clemens-Schultz-Straße (St. Pauli): individual, gritty, local, bohemian cafés and shops
  • Großneumarkt (Neustadt): unknown area, plaza with a weekly market, side streets full of hidden gems
  • Deichstraße (Altstadt): traditional, isolated, by Elphilharmonie, favorite eateries in town
  • Bahrenfelder Straße (Ottensen): industrial, multicultural, cute cafés, shops, cobblestones
  • Mühlenkamp & Gertigstraße (Uhlenhorst): chic, trendy places, off from the main buzz

I will soon post a Hamburg By District guide, where you can read more about each district, its vibe and hotspots.

My Hamburg Food Guide


In general, I value the following aspects when searching for eatieres. Not all of them have to apply, but a good bunch should.

  • individual, personal owners
  • local, organic or vegan
  • different, unique and creative
  • ethnic
  • cool interior and food styling

In short, most of might favorite food spots would be called hipster, in France bobo. Hamburg isn’t the best city for these spots, but I make the best out of our options. This makes me value the special cafés even more.  Below you can quickly find which ones they are, sorted by meal, diet and cuisine.

interior Kropka café, Eppendorfer Weg

My all time favorites eateries in Hamburg

Kropkå, Törnqvist, Nord Coast Coffee Roastery, Happen Pappen, Ti Breizh, Jimmy Elsass, Jill Pizza, Luicella’s Ice Cream, CODOS?

Specialty Coffee Shops – more here

Nord Coast Coffee Roastery
Blackline Specialty Coffee Hamburg
Public Coffee Roasters Winterhude
Balz und Balz, coffee Hamburg

Less Political, Törnqvist, Black Line, Balz und Balz, Nord Coast Coffee Roastery, Playground Coffee, CODOS brewbar, Black Delight, Elbgold (Hamburg’s 1st), Milch, Stockholm Espresso Club, Hunt Brothers Coffee
–– find quick infos on my flat white guide here or my descriptive article on European Coffee Trip here


PC: Rain, AK, Moki’s Goodies, Tornqvist, Bräi, Eclair, PCR, Marktzeit

Rain Cafeatery, Alpenkantine, Balz und Balz, Kropkå, Moki’s Goodies, Törnqvist, Glück und Selig, Hej Papa, Paledo, Public Coffee Roasters (Mühlenkamp), Bräi Pop Up, Marktzeit in der Fabrik (Saturdays), Klippkroog, Eclair au Café

Burgers – more here

Vincent Vegan Burger
Happen Pappen vegan burger
Froindlichst vegan burgers, Winterhude
Otto's Burger, Hamburg

Otto’s Burger, Happen Pappen (only veg), Most Wanted Burger, Grilly Idol, Fränzi (only veg), Edelsatt, Vincent Vegan, Williamsburger – read more on my burger guide here

Casual Dinner:

Jimmy Elsass, Burger spots (above)
Pizza: Piazza Trapani, Jill, Überquell, Zweipunktnull (the latter three are Neapolitan style pizza)
French Galettes: Bistro Tati, Ti Breizh
Comfort food: AlpenkantineZum Spätzle, Marend


Herr Max, Liebes Bisschen, Willi’s Cakes, Happykappy Cupcakes, Die Patisserie, Jo Makrönchen, Eclair au Café, Zeit für Brot, Mikkels, Mutterland, Kandies, Le Petit Café

Ice Cream:


Luicella’s, Eis & Innig, Eiskantine, Liberty, Milkmade, Eis Schmidt, Yomaro, Schlecks


Happen Pappen (breakfast, lunch, burgers), CODOS brewbar (pastries), Liberty (ice cream), Fränzi (lunch and burgers ), Zum Spätzle (Spätzle), Ti Breizh (Gallertes), Bräi Pop Up (Porridge), Moki’s Goodies (breakfast, lunch, pastries), Froindlichst (burgers, burritos, pizza, brunch), Vincent Vegan (burgers, brunch), Luicella’s (ice cream)


Ti Breizh, Moki’s Goodies, Gregor’s Superfood, G(l)ut’n’free

Best “Cinnamon Rolls”:

Die Kleine Konditorei, Zeit für Brot, Mutterland, Balz und Balz, Alpenkantine (occasionally)

Poké Bowls:

Kailua Poke, Ombak Bagus, UF Poke Bar, Poké You

Authentic & International:

Japanese: Mimi’s Crêpes
French: Bistro Tati, Ti Breizh, Eclair au Café, Die Patisserie
German/Swabian: Zum Spätzle, Marend
–– I hope to test more soon!

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