Eis Schmidt

♦ big selection ♦ vegan ♦ many locations ♦ additional sweets & drinks ♦

This is a trendy, and favorite among locals.  There are 5 different locations in Hamburg, but this definitely doesn’t derate their quality.  They offer a wide selection of decadent chocolatey, nutty, yogurty, and seasonal (like christmas cookie) flavors.   Includes vegan, gluten- and lactose-free options. Many flavors have their own name like Texas Farm Boy for peanut ice cream or Eisprinzzesin for sour cherry ice cream with mini marshmallowz.  Below that you can read the detailed description of what’s inside.  I find though, that Eis Schmidt is a little bit more of a hit or miss compared to other places.  Some flavors are awesome, but others sometimes don’t quite satisfy my taste buds.  Apart from just a scoop they also make ice cream sundaes and shakes.  Other drink they offer include smoothies, ice coffees, chai frappe, but also simple tea or coffee.  If you don’t feel like an ice cream you can also get candy or one of their freshly baked cakes.

Eis Schmidt Schanze

Where? Eppendorfer Landstrasse 96  (Eppendorf),  Ottenser Hauptstrasse 37 (Ottensen),  Schulterblatt 78 (Sternschanze) –– all three daily 11:00-11:00 Blankeneser Markt (Blankenese), Colonnaden 25 (Gänsemarkt -Innenstadt/Downtown), Waitzstrasse 22 (Othmarschen) –– these two daily 11:00-8:00/10:00



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  1. […] After walking to the main square together, we were free to do what we wanted. Once choice was to stay with our tour guide (one of the volunteers), which I chose to do. I wasn’t fully lectured, but saw some nice old buildings and got introduced to a delicious ice cream shop (Oiartzun) that I might not have found otherwise. They had vegan sorbets, and creamy dairy flavors.  I got to sample lots, loved all, but chose a scoop of matcha (very strong and refreshing) and “rice-pudding” on which she freshly sprinkled cinnamon on top.  It wasn’t a super idyllic, owner-based ice cream shop, but delicious and different than the ones I know from Hamburg. […]

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