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If you’re around the Schanze or St. Pauli and need a good coffee you’ll have quite a few terrific places to chose from.  But the Schanze is the Schanze…which means like all other hip districts in big cities it’s being gentrified.  The coffee shops trending toward the bobo crowd; clean lines with middle/upper class mothers meeting for an afternoon chat.

Deathpresso is nothing like that – tight spaces, tattoos, unpretentious and a healthy mix of humanity. Graffiti on the outside, its got a real Schanze feel to it. If you don’t know what that means, then you’ll just have to go there and figure it out for yourself!

Officially known as Kopiba coffee roastery, Deathpresso is an iconic spot just off the main drag of the Schanze.  They have the standard selection of espresso drinks and a good selection of organic drip coffees.  You should go for the coffee, nevertheless they serve a selection of milkshakes, juices, teas and craft-kolas. By craft-kolas I mean that they are faithful to the Hamburg brand Fritz-kola, who make lemonades, spritzers and kolas.  After 7 pm, Kopiba opens as a bar with cocktails, some wine and local craft beer.

Food options include a decent selection of  homemade cakes (also vegan or gluten free), some small cookies (only 50¢!), croissants and more. In the mornings (after 9:30 am) they serve breakfast, later in the day you can usually choose from a vegan quiche, daily soup or toasted panini sandwich.

before Deathpresso – after Deathpresso

One of the coolest thing about this coffee shop and roastery is its vibe.  They have quotes scrawled on the walls.  Their slogan is Schlafen kannste wenn du tot bist, which means: “You can sleep when you’re dead.”   Another one I liked: “Only one thing is better than one great coffee: Two great coffees!” 🙂

Cappuccino – 2,60€

Where? Beim Grünen Jäger 24, 20359 (between Schanze and St. Pauli)

When? Mo-Th: 9:30-20:00, Fr: 9:30 open end, Sa: 10:00 open end, Su: 10:00-20:00

Their website

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