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Germany vs. US competition 🎄 Christmas Season:

I’m decisive on this one: Christmas Season in Germany better captures pagan origins as a solstice festival.  Yes, of course the US has every single product in Xmas variations, like red-green colored M&Ms, seasonally flavored Clif Bars, Oreos, Ice Cream, scented lotions chapsticks… and any type of decorations and knick knacks I could imagine.  That’s pretty awesome sometimes, but in my opinion the cute individual social gatherings at Christmas Markets are not replaceable.  Cheerful people, live music, “Glühwein”, apple cider…


Weihnachtsmarkt Apostelkirche  🎄☕️

Now to my new favorite Christmas market in Hamburg. Established only last year, however already chosen as one of the best in the city.  By the plaza next to one of the nicer neighborhood churches, it’s designed like traditional fire-place gatherings; with all the food huts and vendors circled around the fire pit.  Their selection is small, but local, authentic and exquisite  – quality not quantity counts!  The huts are very cute and colorful, marked by signature little star and letters of the business hanging from the roof.  In total they have six food/drink huts and four vendors occupied by small individual businesses.  Throughout the weeks they have live concerts every weekend, cookie baking actions with kids, story telling, art fairs…


→ Traditional German Bratwurst/Currywurst – from a local butcher, Soups by the Hamburg-based Souperia (vegan), and simple but delicious pan-cooked mushrooms! – served in little “Weck” Jars and with rye bread


Vegan Hot Dogs including Seitan, Kale, Red Cabbage, all smothered in home-made vegan sauces – from the vegan restaurant Happen Pappen, just down the street


Sweet & Savory Waffles (also vegan) – usually waffles are just waffles to me… not that amazing…but these are thaaaat amazing! – by another neighborhood café – LaDouce Catering:


Dutch Poffjertes, Quiche, Cakes, Cookies, Coffee… I can just say that I’ve never seen a christmas market selling the teeny, tiny, miniature puffy version of crepes, topped to your liking!

→ Raclette – warm, cheesy and with potatoes.  This is a must in the winter season for me!



→ Last but not least: GLÜHWEIN, APPLE CIDER… hot chocolate, or if it’s not cold enough: beer, Lüttauer spritzers, Fritz-Kola and more.  The Glühwein (aka mulled wine) comes from a small vintner near Freiburg, even the apple cider is hot pure apple juice, christmastly spiced, from a rare, Hamburg grown breed of apples.



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  1. Andrea
    December 19, 2015

    … Last but not least .. the beer is not just from ‘a’ local brewery as in most X-Mas markets in Hamburg, but it is from Ratsherrn including its Pale Ale.

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