About Me

About Me

I’m Anouk, aka Ookie, or Uki. Till I was nine years old I lived in Los Angeles (including a sabbatical year in Berlin in between).  Then I moved to Hamburg, Germany.  So I grew up bilingual and bicultural and value a lot of things from both sides. I prefer the English language, and the “good-extreme” in the big cities of the US. But the average German and European cultures passionate me more.

I am interested in lots of things, and you could probably get me curious for much more.  But in short my biggest passions are the following.

  1. Blogging: going to cafés and individual shops, taking pictures and sharing my passion here
  2. Sport: running, yoga, skiing
  3. Food: baking, cooking, arranging food, reading about health trends and diets (like bulletproof, paleo, ayuverdic, macrobiotic, vegan)
  4. Travelling: especially in cities and getting to know different cultures, homes, people, styles of living, and passions
  5. Talking: understanding things in full depth and philosophising about life

Life Update Fall 2017: I just finished high school (Abitur) in Germany, and like most fellow Hamburger’s, I’m taking a gap year.  I started it with four months in France, and my plans are to stay in Hamburg till April. Then I hope to travel some more till August.  Maybe in form of a roundtrip through the US (NY, Boulder, West Coast) where I would be visiting friends and families, updating myself on the newest trends, searching up some cool races (Bolder Boulder and Ragnar) and doing an internship (maybe at LeefromAmerica). Maybe I will stay in Europe too, wwoof some more in France, improve my French and get to know other regions of this country.

What Ookie Dough is About

Ookie Dough is a blog about my favorite local places to eat, when I travel, but mostly in my hometown Hamburg. I love sharing my discoveries and opinions with other people and hope to help people have the worthy experience when they dine somewhere!

I sometimes write about my favorite recipes, however I try to dedicate my time to the aforementioned, because in my opinion tons of awesome recipe sites are out there already (see suggestions below).  In contrast to that, I have barely found any good food guides for Hamburg, especially ones in English! Additionaly I hope to soon also incorporate boutiques and concept stores on Ookie Dough.)

My Food Values

These are my following food values when I go out to eat: homemade, local, or sourced sustainably (e.g. organic, vegan, and seasonal). However I am always super curious to try local and traditional foods, especially when I travel.  That is why I call myself a “nothing“, when people ask about my diet. I am not vegan or vegetarian or pescatarian.  When I was in Mexico I devoured the tacos and chapulines (grasshoppers).  When in France, I don’t want to give up shopping wedges of Beaufort, Raclette de Chèvre and Comté on the local markets – or eating heart-warming fondue on ski slopes.

My Favorite Types of Cafés

The french might call my favorite types of cafés bobo cafés. Most others might categorise them as hipster cafés. Think stylish interior, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, matcha lattes, avocado-toast, sweet potato fries… However I am very picky. Even though a lot is about the food styling – if the taste or service doesn’t hit my expectations I’m not going to pretend it does. A part of these cafés are also specialty coffee shops, while others are healthy vegan, gluten-free, organic lunch kitchens.  Still, I don’t think I’m the total “hipster food guide”, because I’m especially enthusiastic about local niches. In Hamburg for example my two favorites of this kind would be Jimmy Elsass and Ti Breizh.

My Favorite Foods

Now lastly I will come to the foods I like: all kinds of nut butters (especially walnut, hazelnut and almond), sweet potato, avocado, quinoa, Beaufort cheese, oysters and porridge. I love to eat out of bowls, but just as much with my hands – like pizza, a burger, or any street food. On the one hand I often crave fresh and healthy seasonal food, like they are easily found in buddha bowls.  But on the other hand I’m not one of those people who gets sick stomach if I ate pastries and ice cream all day long. Some days when I travel my meals consist of brownies, cookies and cakes from specialty coffee shops. Then I go to a local organic store, buy colourful carrots and eat them in a park. “Et tout va bien!”

Origin of my Blog Name – “Ookie Dough”

As a little kid my great-aunt nicknamed me Uki.  Since then I’ve had multiple similar nicknames spelled in various different ways: Nuki, Anuschka, Nuckel, Nook . . .  The first time I had to spell Uki myself, I wrote it the way it was pronounced.  So: oo-k-ie.  So for me, my nickname has always been Ookie.

The days when I was playing around with starting a blog I wrote down all possible names I could think of for it.  I showed them to some people Ookie Dough was the clear favorite.  Yes, I love cookie dough too – B&J cookie dough ice cream, baking cookies, freezing my own cookie dough for homemade ice cream sundaes and so on.

Later I learned that dough can also stand for money.  But in a way my blog shows this. Cafés are probably 80% of what I spend my money on – thoughut not randomly, very selectively.  So my blog is a curated selection of where Ookie thinks it’s best to leave her dough.

Badge Blog Boss


For Recipes: Minimalist Baker, Fanny the Foodie, In my Bowl, Oh She Glows, My New Roots

For Travelling: Way to CoffeeAlexandra Müller (in French), Fräulein Anker, Good Eatings

My favorite Instagrams: @leefromamerica, @shutthekaleup, @sophgordon, @hyggeuk, @ikriska, @sophiajung, @tallulahalexandra, @symmetrybreakast

Below are some of my personal posts about Ookie Dough’s goals and how her brain works on this complicated globe:


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