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About me

My name is Anouk.  I grew up bilingual, and bicultural.  I lived in LA most of my childhood, then moved to Hamburg, Germany.  I love to run, ski, bake, cook, play piano, and travel.  My favorite destinations are big cities where I can find cool cafés and try new, different food.  But I also love nature – mountains, beaches, lakes, forests . . .  well nature.

What this Blog is About

Ookie Dough is a blog about my favorite places to eat and shop in the world – mostly in my hometown Hamburg though. I love sharing my discoveries and opinions with other people and want everybody to have the chance to do so!

Origin of Blog Name – Ookie Dough

When I was a toddler my great aunt nicknamed me Uki.  Since then I’ve had multiple similar nicknames spelled in various different ways.  But the first time I had to spell Uki myself, I wrote it the way it was pronounced.  So: oo-k-ie.  ‘Cause I bake so much and cookie dough is delicious (especially in ice cream, or before baking cookies) I thought Ookie Dough fit 🙂 But Ookie Dough also could mean “My Stuff” which in a way is what this blog is about.

Badge Blog Boss

Below are some of my personal posts about Ookie Dough’s goals and how her brain works on this complicated globe:

    My Blogging Goals 2017

    I finally finalized my idea to write down all my blogging goals for this year.  Eleven months is still enough of a year . . . not all New Years resolutions have to be printed on January 1st.

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